The Great Escape Mind,Body & Soul

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It was very peaceful and refreshing... See More


Awesome experience with the Lipo and the BrainTap is amazing very relaxing!... See More


It was every help for me I every thought it would help me change my mind of think. I loved it. I am so glad I can come here. It's the best thing I can do for myself to change myself for the best. Thank you for all you have done.... See More


Terri at Great Escape is awesome! Everyone should try BrainTap!!!!... See More


It was an enjoyable experience that I will treasure forever. The brain tap is great for going out of body and retrieving your inner child and telling yourself that you are worth everything and to never give up on yourself no matter what.... See More


I am enjoying my visits. I come to laser Lipo and brain tap. This is a wonderful experience. I feel a way of renewal when I leave. Excellent .... See More


When I first went to Great Escape mind body and soul I was 100% skeptical and had a boat load of questions, I tried the Brain Tap and I came out feeling like I just had the most euphoric 20 minutes of my life!!! Now I use the Brain Tap multiple times a week and my quality of life and sleep have both... See More


I recently have had the pleasure to become involved with The Great Escape , Mind Body & Soul! The Brain Tap technology is offered by Terrie La Lone (owner) which is an awesome meditation to help restore your brains natural balance! I cannot say enough about how awesome this Brain Tap is and how ... See More


I have been disabled for 10 years now. With that I have had ADHD & PTSD major depression and anxiety. I have been going to The Great Escape since April of 2017 for the Brain Tap. Since then using the Brain Tap, I have relived and have more confidence now to fit into the society and sleep better! You... See More


I am retired Vet and I have using Brain Tap since April 2017 I want to say that Brain Tap has changed my life in many ways! I have carrying PTSD most of my life since childhood and now I have learned to let go of so many doubts and fears. I have so much more confidence and peace in my life! I love d... See More


My experience here at The Great Escape with the Brain Tap has changed my life in a short time in many areas of my life from my Faith, courage! It has changed my way of thinking ! I found it has changed my way of thinking from death that I have been dealing with so long and now I am enjoying and ap... See More

Went in for a braintap and changed my life. I felt more connected and open to the oppurtunities life has to offer. Released my brain fog a d cloudy thinking. My thoughts are way more clear

Flo Fox gave The Great Escape: Mind, Body & Soul a 5 star review

Great place to relax, reboot and strengthen your busy brain.

Patrick Porter gave The Great Escape Mind,Body & Soul a 5 star review

I absolutely fell inlove with Braintap i totally recommend everyone with stress problems to try it out the variety what problems Braintap can solve is amazing just give it a try

Jennifer E. Printy gave The Great Escape Mind,Body & Soul a 5 star review

I have been braintapping for a few weeks and I love these meditations and the way I feel after a session! Terrie is wonderful and has created a beautiful and relaxing environment. I think every business should encourage their employees to utilize this service to enhance focus and minimize the harmful effects of stress in the body. I have felt more energized and balanced since implementing daily sessions at home. This service is greatly needed in our community for anyone looking for a healing modality that works!

AmberLee Clement gave The Great Escape Mind,Body & Soul a 5 star review

Just went in for my first braintap and loved it! The owner was so kind and gave me ease if mind. This braintap brought A sense of peace and relaxation. All of my stress melted away. I highly recommend this to everyone. Braintap can be used for just about anything. From stress, anxiety, depression, weight loss, Even switching your mindset to that of a wealth mentality , braintap can do it all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Seth Hill gave The Great Escape Mind,Body & Soul a 5 star review

If I could give Terrie and this business more than 5 stars I would. You can't help but feel comfortable just walking in the door. I have been meditating for over 5 years and rarely got to a deeply relaxed state. The Brain Tap system brought me there in 20 minutes! I felt relaxed and very clear. It was such a wonderful experience that I bought a system that day without any hesitation. I bought it for myself and my family. Thank you Terrie!

Kelly Cee Charlton gave The Great Escape Mind,Body & Soul a 5 star review

Brain tap is amazing. There are some many different taps to choose from.. Each one uniquely, can alter the way you think, feel and perceive life. This truly is, life changing. Everyone stop by and try this. The Great Escape also offers many other great features, about the human body, as soon as you walk in.

Andrew Beaudet gave The Great Escape Mind,Body & Soul a 5 star review

Terrie is amazing. she lives this this, and believes this and is a walking example of all the good it brings. I tried the braintap and it is so relaxing. Everyone should stop in and see all she has to offer. it is not a gimic!

Chris A. Lorence gave The Great Escape Mind,Body & Soul a 5 star review

So relaxing! Did a brain tap session and could feel my stress level drop tremendously!! I absolutely loved it & def would recommend all my friends to give it a try!! Great atmosphere,friendly,caring owner. I will be back!!!

Samantha Jo gave The Great Escape Mind,Body & Soul a 5 star review

I've only tried the Brain Tap twice, but noticed a wonderful night's sleep and more energy the following days. I'm looking forward to the next time! Terrie is knowledgeable and eager to help. She has learned so much since she started this business. I look forward to seeing this business take off!

Rhonda Redder gave The Great Escape Mind,Body & Soul a 5 star review

I had the opportunity to visit Terrie at The Great Escape! She has worked hard and remodeled a lovely place for her BrainTap ,Laserlipo, services! Very impressed! Loved the BrainTap session,, it certainty is something young and old could benefit from! I will be there often, doing my Brain Tap and Lipo services! COMING SOON,,,, After Care,,, by Nerium Skin Care!

Michele Speno Doherty gave The Great Escape Mind,Body & Soul a 5 star review

I enjoy the Brain Tap Series. These programs are the great escapes stepping stones to total relaxation and Creative consciousness. Thank you Terrie !

Don Towles Jr. gave The Great Escape Mind,Body & Soul a 5 star review

I have personally did this and its fantastic. It is a great way to relieve stress and get control of your life again.

Roberta-Bobbi Filkins gave The Great Escape Mind,Body & Soul a 5 star review
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