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Treatment began with blood, stool, and urine analysis. After analyzing the data from those results and taking a personal history, a protocol for IV treatment was established. A supplement regimen and a diet were added. After four treatments, I felt like myself again. Now we are four months into treatment and I am off of the prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, the nerve blockers, and the pain killers that have been a daily requirement for over a decade since my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. Even though I have always been health conscious, eating clean and exercising, this treatment has restored my quality of life. No more down days spent exhausted and laid out in pain. I no longer lie awake at night in excruciating pain and no longer suffer debilitating neuropathy. I am returning to my over-achieving former self. I do my part with diet, exercise, and sleep maintenance. Dr. Iduna does her part by listening to my needs and adjusting treatment. The office is convenient and comfortable. My only regret is not pursuing this treatment a decade ago and avoiding the minefield of prescription drug side effects and lost functionality.

-- Denise R

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