The Family Wellness Center

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6418 Old Country Rd.
Plainview, Ny 11803
United States
(844) 567-3123

Really love my weight loss results with this center. The staff and dr. Berling is great!... See More


I am young, and I started out fairly healthy and with the knowledge of healthy habits, but this program was still incredibly helpful and a great aid in building my own healthy life style as I moved out on my own. My parents cooked healthy food from scratch for all of my life, so I knew what healthy ... See More


This program taught me new eating habits for life. I was someone who ate fast food meals a lot, ice cream & cookies at night and never really cooked beyond pasta or soup! When I got cancer, Dr. Berlin kept urging me to consider doing the program as it would 'help rid my body of toxins. I never th... See More


Dr. Berlin is great! Did a 12 week Candida Cleanse and went 302 to 262 a 40 pound drop. I feel great and more energized with my daily routine. My visceral fat went from 25 down to 16. My fat percentages went from 43 percent to 32. Metabolic age went from 90 to 63. I would recommend this program ... See More


great care! Staff is so caring and attentive.... See More


If you put in the energy to change how you are eating it works. I lost about 35 lbs in 12 weeks! And that’s during thanksgiving, my best friend’s wedding, and my wedding!... See More


I got great results with this program. The staff is great and caring!... See More


The program was a total transformation. It helped me take a closer look at my lifestyle and taught me how to get better healthwise. I will recommend everyone to take it.... See More

I have been coming here for weight loss for about 6 months. Not only have I lost weight, but my health has improved tremendously. I have been able to come off of medications I was taking. Dr. Mike is very compassionate. Highest recommendation.

Jessicaq Koenig gave The Family Wellness Center a 5 star review

I'll be honest, at my consult I didn't believe the treatment would help, especially not to the extent promised- I was SO wrong. Ive been experiencing neck, back and leg pain for YEARS and this is the first relief I've ever gotten. My mood has improved and my quality of life has changed dramatically; I've only been coming here 2 weeks! Both doctors are very caring and attentive to your needs as an individual. I couldn't thank them enough for giving me my life back.

Arielle Booth gave The Family Wellness Center a 5 star review

This Center is truly amazing, the doctors were all wonderful, caring and most of all they helped heal me!!! I highly recommend this place.

Priscilla Maiti gave The Family Wellness Center a 5 star review
Richie Melaram gave The Family Wellness Center a 4 star review
Lisa Weingarten gave The Family Wellness Center a 5 star review
Shannon O'Connell gave The Family Wellness Center a 5 star review
Crysti Eichner gave The Family Wellness Center a 5 star review
Andrea Nicole gave The Family Wellness Center a 5 star review

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