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The Credit Repairmen made it possible for me to get a home. I highly recommend anyone to go see them.... See More


The credit repairmen are the best!!! My credit score has gone up in 1 month they are doing an awesome job!!!! Thank you so much and our plans to get a house are looking great!!!... See More


All I can say is The Credit Repairmen has been a huge blessing for me. They were able to clean my credit so much that I am now able to purchase my own home as we started out to do. They have gone beyond reaching the goal that was set for me to purchase my own home. I would highly recommend The Credi... See More


Acabo de empezar a restaurar mi credito, hasta ahora estoy satisfecho con el servicio, sobre la persona que me atendio, { Miguel } estoy satisfecho con el servicio y trato que recibi,
Gracias........ See More


Excellent service with great results!!... See More


I have used them for a little over a year now. Originally I was a non believer! But then my credit which started the process at 423 and they got me into 600’s in no time and has been as high as 692! Just became a lifetime member so I could stop worrying about when credit karma flags me for some bs... See More


Jackie has been wonderful so far. She has answered my questions and she has great customer service... See More


Excellent work getting our credit back on track. Both my husband and I are pleased with the idea of purchasing a home with better interest rates and Credit Repairman will make our goal come true.... See More


Ive been working on my credit score on my owen for 1 yr 1/2. Until one day my friend recommended credit repairman, best decision i made. My credit score as improved tremendously. I'll be where i want to be to refinance my was easy and an over all great experience. I've already recommended... See More


I can't express enough just how amazing the Credit Repair Men are! They had so much to fix on my credit scores; they worked hard and completed it with excitement to call and tell me! They are so understanding and super helpful! They truly care about their customers. I highly recommend them to anyone... See More


I like that Miguel made it easy to understand just how ya'll were going to be helping us with our credit. He showed us just how simple it was to fix it. We love the experience we had and would highly recommend The Credit Repairmen to others.... See More


Very nice people and they tell you a lot about your credit that i didnt even know.... See More


I have just completed my first round and items have been deleted from my account and my credit score has went up only after a month or so I am excited to continue to see my score increase so I can buy my first home... See More


Great, explained everything and answered all my questions.... See More


Great answered all our questions and concerns!... See More


They're awesome people they know what they're doing and they can really help you to get where you're going... See More


Alyssa was amazing!!!!! Me and my fiancé are so excited to start this journey.... See More


Very professional, helped me grasp a better understanding on my credit... See More


Alyssa Oliver has been the best!
She has helped me fix my credit score it’s was crazy horrible and with her help and in few months I started getting credit card offers, when at at first they had to be secured now they’re not. Didn’t have have a problem purchasing a new vehicle with the ting t... See More


It was great, they worked very fast and got all my negative marks off my credit report on the first round. They still kept me informed of my credit report even after they had fixed my credit. They do great work... See More


Marlon was phenomenal!!! Truly appreciated him.... See More


Great experience thus far. Very friendly professional staff that has answered all of my silly question.... See More


Great experience, couldn't find the past at first. Gave them a call, received helpful directions. Arrived, and meet with in minutes. Jackie helpedme out, explained everything in a simply formated explain of what's going one, what needs to be going on, and how we are going to get it going on. Highly ... See More


The customer service at the CR was outstanding!! Thank you for helping me to raise my scores dramatically! We are now in a position to qualify for our home loan. As each round was completed, my score rose each time. Thank you for doing all the legwork in reaching out to creditors and helping to eli... See More


Great setup very insightful... See More


The Credit repairmen have truly done an amazing job helping me improve me credit. They have exceeded my expectations.... See More


Jackie is awesome explained what I needed to know and got me out of there in no time... See More


The Credit Repairmen have been very professional and thorough in cleansing my credit bureau reports. The deletion of negative and invalid information has raised my scores from the low 600s to the mid 700s and I'm only in the 2nd phase of a 5 phase process.
I am very happy with thier service and it... See More


Jackie gave great information and was extremely courteous.... See More

Finisher my 1st round and my score went up 70+ points. I heard they were good but i didn't know there were that good! My only regret is not going to them sooner. But I'm so happy to start my 2018 to a good start thanks to Kathy & Jackie and the credit repairmen team. They are helping me achieve my dream to one day be a 1st time homeowner.

krystal ann garza gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

This review is long over due. BARB was the BEST ! She was always professional, yet caring and understanding at the same time. They did a fabulous job. I am extremely satisfied and would use them again or recommend them to any of my friends or family. The hard part is once they clear your credit up you start getting all these offers for more evil credit cards so you have to be strong and tear them up. Eliminating was very freeing for me. I never realized how much embarrassment I was carrying around over this. That is all gone and I feel so much better. Thank you !

susan fisher gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

Nikki Harrison from the moment we first spoke on the phone I knew she and I were "like minded"! She seeks out innovative solutions to issues that have arisen and is dedicated to collaborating with fellow colleges to get the job done ! She is dynamic ,personable ,Genuine and from the moment you meet her you know you've met a friend . He has successfully contributed and implemented novel new ways to improve our industry within her team which improves everyone's day-to-day operational productivity. She pro-actively works to exceed customer expectations by providing great service and innovative solutions before issues start arising for the customer! She is truly a gem!

Autumn Hansen gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

Five stars for the great service that I have received from two individuals here at The Credit Repairmen - Marc and Barbara. Marc was a great salesman - not pushy at all, but instead caring and understanding. He had great customer service skills. Barbara, hands down, was the best! This lady was extremely knowledgeable & very professional in her work; great customer service; very caring for the customer; an asset to this great company. My experience here so far has been a good one because of these two great workers. As a customer, customer service is a must to have in every business. Marc & Barbara, you guys are the best! Thank you so much for all that you guys have done for me!

Elizabeth Ochoa gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

A year ago I signed up for The Credit Repairmen not because I needed a house or a car... but because Direct Plus Grad School loans require you to have 0 derogatory listings on your credit. They don't look at score. They don't look at ratios.. It's just a matter of derogatory or not..... We had a few bumps in the road with The Credit Repairmen and personality. I am a woman that likes to be told what we are doing and why, not just told, "We are doing this..." but once those bumps were ironed out, my credit was completely cleaned up and it was an amazing experience. I just applied for my Direct Plus Loan for law school and was approved. I am completely grateful for what they did and the service they provided :)

Brandi Daryl gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review
Oscar Rodriguez gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review
Aref Affaneh gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

My road to to success has just begun... can't wait on my results loving all the Reviews!!

Daniel N Saira Baez gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

We officially own a home due to the tag team efforts of the Credit Repairmen and Uprise Reality! You both have made our dream come true! You guys are amazing!! I high recommend!!

Melissa Nerio Cano gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review
Joe Quiroz gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review
Tony Talamantez gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

I have never really left a review for a company but this one is well deserved for sure. This company has helped me out so much and they really are always available and willing to help however they can. Easy to get in contact with whenever you have questions. Really the only company I will ever recommend when it comes to getting your credit fixed.

Rudy Hernandez gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

The team is amazing. Constantly communicating and working to make your experience as amazing as possible

Cortney Gill gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

Credit Repairmen is a professional company that will help you with your credit problems. I am glad I enrolled in the program. The employees are so nice and respectful and they will answer any questions you may have. Give them a try and you will be glad you did! #Cynthiaandherstaffrocks!

Kendra Holmes gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

Great place with wonderful people!!!! I would recommend Alyssa. She’s been working closely with me and the changes in my credit are phenomenal already and it’s only the end of my first round. I couldn’t be happier with my results!!!

Kaley Stewart gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review
Christina Martinez gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review
Perla Miguel gave The Credit Repairmen a 4 star review
Gwendolyn Carter gave The Credit Repairmen a 4 star review

Prompt & very professional. They worked with me on making weekly & monthly payments. It's only been 3 months since I've started working with them & my credit score is already higher.

Mary Elizondo gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

This is a dynamic team of great people who really go beyond the call of duty to help their clients with the "American Dream " !I give 5 stars & would recommend to my closest friend and family!

Autumn Hansen gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

Barb "My Bestie" is the best person to have on your team when it comes to repairing your credit. Barb explains the process she will take to help resolve inaccuracies on your credit as well as provides a high level insight on steps you can take to build your credit. With Barb and the credit repairmen team my credit scores have increased in all 3 major credit bureau allowing me to get approved to purchase as home.

Jarrett Jones gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review
Ben Rowland gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

I have had the fortunate opportunity to not only work here but also be a customer. The program is amazing! Very well structured, informative, educational and it works! After some major medical issues and unemployment, my credit dropped from the 700 range to the 400 range. After 2 rounds I am hovering over 600 and still have 2 rounds to go. Was able to get the car I actually wanted in May 2017 and the loan officer literally said because I was on the plan, I was able to get qualified. Thank Team Credit Repairmen!!

Thomasene Tammy Bradford-Gadson gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

From my experience with the The Credit Repairmen.The rep that helped me was very professional, and his attitude was GREAT! Treated me as if I was someone important and, what I liked most about the experience was they were up front with you from the very beginning letting you know the most important information. One other thing I love the INTEGRITY of this company.

Andary Voss gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

I have worked in and around the Credit Repairmen for many years. I have been impressed with how they are always looking to improve the company in order to better serve their customers. That is why they are the #1 credit repair company in San Antonio. Listen to their advice and they will get you where you want to go. Thanks for helping out the people that i have reffered over the years.

Spencer Hamilton gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

This is the BEST place to fix your credit. I recommend Barb Belemarez, I had very bad credit and very high collections and in 4 months they were gone. Thank God for them. Go fix your credit here. :)

Bianca Castillo gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

I have sent SEVERAL clients to TheCreditRepairmen .com and have had FANTASTIC results!

William Ross Wright gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review
Timothy Ray Gomez Jr. gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review
Gabby Roque gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

Elijah Morales is the man with the master plan at the Credit Repairmen. He has been working closely with me to reestablish my credit. All of my questions... more

Meke C. gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

Nikki Harris at the Credit Repairmen worked with me closely to bring my score from 610 to 750 (and climbing). Give them a call, follow their plan, and you... more

Kristin R. gave The Credit Repairmen a 5 star review

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