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I spoke with John Boll this morning! He reviewed my credit and he was unbelievably helpful. He helped me understand what the credit bureaus are looking at and where to start. So many of these credit repair companies seem like scams. The Credit Care Company is NOT one of those. Thank you John!

Nicole Ball

John was awesome! Responded super fast and answered all of my questions. So thankful my friend referred me to him.

Kylie Scott

Nick enjoyed the experience with The Credit Care Company

Nick P

John was very helpful and professional. Definitely helped me understand where I am at with my credit and what we can do to get it where it needs to be. Definitely the go to guy to get the professional help you deserve.

Gabriel Villalba

Gabriel LOVED The Credit Care Company

Gabriel V

Not only is John extremely knowledgeable, he feels like a good friend when you're talking to him. He really wants the best for you and doesn't mind sharing resources to help you on you're way. Very thankful to have met him!

Shane Moseley

We were referred to Credit Care Company and worked with John Boll. His communication was top notch. He is someone who legitimately wants to help other people. He does exactly that.
He guided us through the process and made it very simple to understand. Highly recommended!!


Jon is fantastic. If you are like me and clueless when it comes to credit, he will make it easy to understand. He's always been just a phone call away. Do yourself a favor and invest in your future.


Kevin Strongly Recommends The Credit Care Company

Kevin P

Kendyl Strongly Recommends The Credit Care Company

Kendyl H

John is great help... He understands my goals and is working hard to help me achieve them. And is doing it all on his own time at no cost... Glad I was able to find him and connect with him..

Rich Saldano

Straight up legit guy, gave me all the advice I needed over the phone no charge, said he wouldn't take my money for such a small thing.

Jason Mayer
The Credit Care Company Replied: Thanks so much Jason! Glad I could help, you got my number if I can ever be of service. Thanks again!!

First to start, I would like to say if anyone is looking to get help looking for credit help, look no further. John, & this company is hands down the best in the business. Even though businesses need to make money, and in most cases you would be just another, my experience was just the opposite. Professionalism, priority for customers, communication, honesty, & honestly just being a great person is how I would express my experience. When John gives advice, take it and do it. My credit score went up well... Read More

Conner Erickson

Great company. Will be completely honest and is really there to help you and not just trying to make money. John is the best!!!


My experience working with John has been excellent. Working with someone who has your best interest at heart during your time of need makes for a very positive experience. John will go above and beyond for you and I very highly recommend working with him. He offers great advice and will do the best he can to get you the best outcome for your situation. Thank you John!

Ashlee Plume

Jon was truly so helpful and professional. He went above and beyond in trying to give my boyfriend and I assistance on improving our credit. He was thorough and catered to our personal needs! 10/10 would recommend.

Julia Eickhoff

I have used The Credit Care Company for myself and for my father. Nothing but utmost satisfaction with them! Very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and attentive to my credit needs. Left no stone unturned and helped get my credit back on the right track. I highly recommend them to anyone having issues on their credit that they want addressed

Nick Guffey

John was very professional and extremely helpful explaining the factors of credit score and which would impact my chances of buying a home in the future. He provided a great consultation! I would definitely recommend him to home buyers looking to understand ways to improve their credit score.

Rini Singh

I hired this company back in 2015 to help repair my credit. My credit score was at 540, and today It’s up to 802
John and his team was VERY helpful, they did an awesome job helping me rebuild my credit. I am now a homeowner, thanks to them! I highly recommend this company!!!!!!!

Amy Williams

John was so nice and helpful. My husband and I have been wanting to buy a house and he gave USEFUL information on how to get the ball rolling. I will take his advice and recommend him to ANYONE that needs helps with their credit.

Tessa Marie

John Boll is extremely informative and straightforward!!! He is still doing everything for me to repair my credit score. He has been such a wonderful blessing and I will recommend anyone needing help with their credit he is your man!!!

Takeya Collins

John gave me a free consultation and provided me with excellent advice on what we needed to do to secure a future home loan. He is very nice, understanding, and knowledgeable.

Victoria West

Awesome company definetly helped get me on the right path

Brandon Fernau

I spoke with John about getting started today on repairing my credit! He was very kind and informative on everything. A lot of companies charge for advice and he did not. I look forward to seeing what the Credit Care Company does to help better my future!

Hallee Alexander

John went above and beyond with the services he provides! His transparency, professionalism and knowledge on credit was absolutely a please to experience. He’s passionate about helping his clients and providing the necessary resources based on their situation. Nothing but great things for John and this business. Highly recommend him for any type of credit needs or questions!

Kristen Jones

Very Professional and helpful. Would feel comfortable reccomending John to all my friends and family! Cannot say enough good things about him.

Jan Kabinoff
Anas Abdullah

I was referred by a friend to John. Honestly I was ready to pay John and resolve my credit issues. He was so upfront and truthful about what I needed and did not need, long story short John help me resolve my needs. I’m more than satisfied with this company. I will recommend this service to all who are having credit issues

Natasha Carter

John is by far the best credit repair agent I have spoken with. I have spoken with some who went straight to the “money talk” without knowing if they could even assist me. However, John did a free consultation and then gave me step by step for my credit situation. He is very professional, responsive, and dependable! Highly recommend his services! Thanks again! #road2 #homeownership

Star B

I am so amazed at what this company has done for my credit and my life. I was in search of a company that would finally be able to help me obtain a higher... more

Nobuyuki T. gave The Credit Care Company a 5 star review

The time I have spent working with John at The Credit Care Company has been nothing but awesome. Not only is he knowledgeable, he answers all of my... more

Adam B. gave The Credit Care Company a 5 star review

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