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2401 FM 741
Forney, TX 75126
United States

It is very nice and clean and the staff is great with the kids


I love this place because the kids are happy here and learning and having fun too! The teachers and staff really seem to care. The facility is clean and bright.

Eva Hines

Although my kids didn’t get to attend this daycare. After finding out they didn’t offer after school pickup for intermediate kids I had to find another daycare. The owner reached out to me several times apologizing and even wishing me the best in finding a daycare that could accommodate what I need. He also mailed me a check refunding me my registration fee that I had paid already. I really appreciated that. Seems to be a pretty great daycare.

Deundra Dukes

Deundra enjoyed the experience with The Childrens Lighthouse Forney

Deundra W

I love children lighthouse because everybody are nice


This is a great daycare! The staff and teachers are amazing!

Lonnie Sorrells

The Childrens Lighthouse Forney got a great recommendation by Lonnie

Lonnie S

Amanda enjoyed the experience with The Childrens Lighthouse Forney

Amanda M
Jose Hernadez

good hat start school for the kids i have my grandson in the childrens ligththose childs care is good place the teacher hsve good communication


I love this place because the kids are so happy here and the teachers and staff really seem to care. The facility is bright and clean.


Children’s Lighthouse has been amazing and welcoming since day one! The staff are so wonderful, caring and friendly. Our son had so much fun and love learning. We cannot say enough great things about this school, and we know our girls are in the best hands! We appreciate all that Children's Lighthouse Forney does!

Judith C.

Excellent teachers and clean, welcoming environment. Great communication via the Procare app - I love getting photos throughout the day. Management does an excellent job hiring top-notch teachers and admins - truly the best! They helped my son transition from being home with me full-time to going to school full-time and he's doing so well!

In full transparency, they adhere to a strict sick policy, which means my husband and I have left work several times to go pick him up. While this may be an inconvenience to... Read More

Bri VanFossan

Our son started 4 weeks ago, we have now completed 2 full weeks (he got sick almost right away, to be expected he’s never been outside of the home for a care environment, and we went on a week long vacation)
I have nothing but positive words, our teacher seems so nice and she is on top of communication at all times.

Procare lags but, I find if I close out of the app completely and reopen it catches back up

Cheryl in the front office is always very accommodating and SO kind to our son. We have been so impressed.... Read More

Bridjet Zemlak
Childrens Lighthouse Forney Replied: Thank you so much Bridget for your kind words of appreciation. We are very grateful for the opportunity to be an extension of your family and be able to take care of our loved ones. Thanks

My daughter has attended this school since it opened last year and we love it! The facility is new and very clean. The staff is very professional and nice. They are willing to answer my questions, always are smiling, and treat my daughter so well! Her teachers really care about it and I appreciate The pictures that they send throughout the day of her activities. She is always happy when I pick her up and loves playing with her friends at school. I’m happy that we found this school!

Kaitlyn Grossman
Childrens Lighthouse Forney Replied: Hi Kaitlyn, Thank you for leaving us a review. We hope to continuously provide you and your family with the care your child deserves. We love having you with us.

The staff here both front desk and classroom are very friendly and know the kids so well with their parents (very important). I don't think there could be a better place for our son other than this one. Classroom work, home work and assignments are a awesome. the kids don't just play eat and sleep, but they actually learn. Children's Lighthouse Forney has greatly helped our sons growth and development. Security here is also taken very seriously and I truly appreciate it.

Jude Kangnoh
Childrens Lighthouse Forney Replied: Hi Jude, We love seeing your children grow in our school too! Thank you for appreciating the value we place in our school and how our team tries to welcome every family. We will definitely continue making sure families like yours are well taken care of.

Our daughter loves going to Lighthouse! Taking her to daycare used to be a fight in the mornings but ever since we switched to Lighthouse, she’s out the door before we are! ❤️

Emily Helvey Vasterling

My girls have been here since they opened and have learned so much. I love being able to get updates during the day about what they are learning and doing. We appreciate their teachers, and all their hard work.

Lindsey Farias
Childrens Lighthouse Forney Replied: Lindsey, Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation. They mean the world to us. Thank you for the support that you are giving us.

Outstanding school for my daughter. She has been going since they first opened up and she has really advanced with the curriculum activities. I strongly recommend this school program if you are needing before or after School care. The whole staff is very professional and always helpful.

Another thing is the Procare app is very neat to keep up with your child’s activities and progress. The school is very clean with updated technology sanitizing systems too.

Give them a try you will not be disappointed.

Daniela D.
Childrens Lighthouse Forney Replied: Hi Daniela, Thank you for appreciating the work that we've put into our curriculum. We always try to make sure that you and your child feel safe and well cared for. We will continue making sure that we will continue to care for and attend to the needs of the children entrusted to us.

I feel very confident leaving my 3 year old there daily. She is fed, stimulated, taught, safe, and healthy. We receive updates several times daily on what she ate, how much or how little, what activities they’re doing, how long she napped, and any bathroom breaks as well. All of these are via the ProCare app. Kiddos get outside time (weather permitting) and hands-on learning. We also receive direct messages from her teachers if needed and can send them as well at any time. There is a code to enter the front door... Read More

Sara Spillman
Childrens Lighthouse Forney Replied: Hi Sara, Thank you for your kind words. We try to keep families like yours in the building we designed and strive to make sure that you and your children feel cared for and attended to.

At first I was unsure about putting my infant into a daycare until I found Children’s Lighthouse! They are so great, friendly, & loving with my baby! I love the learning activities they do with the infants. The app was also cool & so convenient to keep track of your little one all day. The staff is so polite & bring such a loving environment to your child. I would highly recommend this daycare!

Adriana Rodriguez

Update: Things we’re great when we first started, but after a while there was a decline in communication. My child no longer wanted to attend school. Teachers do not want to deal with coaching the kids through social problems. Teachers are more like care professionals.

Alicia Chapman
Childrens Lighthouse Forney Replied: Thank you so much Ms. Chapman. Your appreciation means the world to us. We love all our families and strive to do the best possible for our children as an extension of their homes.

As an educator/teacher myself, I really recommend this school. It’s very a curriculum based with BRIGHTS and CARES programs for the infants all the way to Advanced Pre-K. The teachers/caregivers really care about the children and are very passionate here. It’s hands on, family oriented, and the love these teachers provide is phenomenal.

I use to teach preschool here and had my 3 year old son enrolled here as well. I had to leave due to personal /family reasons, but I trust this school all the way.

-Gina V. Smith

Rechana V. Smith

“It takes a village” is so true. The Childrens Lighthouse is part of my Village. They are helping me raise intelligent, kind, well rounded kids (1.5 and 4 year old). They give me so much peace of mind while I am working. We love the teachers and staff and can’t say enough great things!

Michelle Holland
Childrens Lighthouse Forney Replied: Hello Mrs. Holland. Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation . We are very grateful for the opportunity to be an extension of your family and be able to take care of your loved ones!

Our girls have been coming to this school since they opened. We love how much they are learning and love the updates during the day! The healthy menu for snacks and lunch during the day is appreciated, and the girls love Chef Tay! Their teachers have made their transition to school smooth and I know they will be more than ready for Kindergarten next year. Thank you for being so welcoming. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for childcare, before or after school care or preschool.

Lindsey Farias

Very professional staff with so much heart and caring. The teachers make an incredible effort to engage the kids and develop them in a very personal manner. The owner and director are committed to providing a safe and clean environment; we’re very thankful for their service.

Humberto Dominguez
Childrens Lighthouse Forney Replied: Thank you so much Humberto. Your appreciation means the world to us. We love all our families and strive to do the best possible for our children as an extension of their homes.

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