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Thank you so much for Excellent & Honest Advice~Also Thank you for Referring a Credit Specialist~ Going to Refer you to others

Taliba Khabir
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: I’m so glad you chose to spend your time with me/us! We’ve already got the knowledge-it’s a pure pleasure to pass it on.

I usually don't post reviews unless I have great customer service or really bad experience and I've only posted maybe seven or eight reviews in my lifetime. The past couple weeks I've talked to roughly six different attorneys about the same issue, five of them I've just kind of blown me off. But the Cardoza Law Group they spent an hour on the phone with me getting all of the details about my case, answering all of my questions and looking into all of the complaints against the company that I'm dealing with. This... Read More

Brandon Vincent

We contacted the cardoza law team and we spoke to Mike in regards of an issue my mother was having with fraud/ collections. We needed guidance and legal advice on what to do next. Mike was very professional and listened to us and our concerns. After speaking with him gave us the peace of mind and we thank him for that. Although we didn't go further with service we appreciate his time and his advice/counsel. If in the near future we need of his service we will not hesitate and give them/him a call and recommend to our family and friends. Thanks again Mike cardoza.

Obdulia Lopez
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: The pleasure was mine! Thanks for giving us the chance to hear all about what's going on and to be part of the solution! ~Mike
Jennifer Melendez

I found Mike Cardozo law corp online fairly easily and chose them partly for military affiliation.
I was glad he actually made an appointment with me unlike others in the past attempts over the 5-10 years. What I believed was a resolved issue became a frustrating never ending dilemma to me.
He assured me after patiently listening to my struggles, that I was”good”.
I feel I can always reach out to him whenever I feel I need legal help.
Thanks Mike for being there for us.

Forrest Bashaw

The Cardoza Law Firm was really helpful, they were good communicators and very professional. After feeling helpless in not getting anywhere or any information of an identity theft case I was dealing with they were able to help me and correct my information. Michael explained the process well and I actually felt like I was being listened to and appreciate their patience. I highly recommend them!

The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Every case is special and Erika, yours was no exception. Everyone on the team is so glad that you called. We're sick of Identity Theft Victims getting blown off by banks and the credit bureaus! Thank you so much for sharing your story here.

I highly recommend the Cardoza Law Corporation if you need a consumer attorney. A crook used my name creating an identity fraud situation for me. The crook’s mark was a large company made up of franchises, main office, and their own insurance company. These units also use different collection services. After several months of communicating with these various businesses and not getting much resolved and with collectors saying we’ll take you to court it was time to get legal representation for the court system.

Mike... Read More

William McRae
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Identity theft and credit reporting errors are pretty much all we do. If you've got a problem, PLEASE don't think that the bank is going to help you out - they're often trying to stall you for so long that it becomes too late to sue them! Thanks William for the comprehensive review. Your participation and energy made your case a joy to work on! ~Mike

(Translated by Google) Very grateful for your help, your very cordial attention and the way of taking my case to a successful conclusion was very good, thank you

Muy agradecido por su ayuda, su atención muy cordial y la forma de llevar mi caso aun buen término fue muy buena,,gracias

Artemio Mateos
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Artemio, ¡estoy muy contento de que te hayas puesto en contacto con nosotros y hayamos tenido un resultado exitoso! Muchísimas gracias.

I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed with Mike and how he handles his business. Good lawyers are very hard to find these days. And Mike is one of the best in the business. Highly recommended!!

The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Nobody should listen to more than about 2 seconds of some bank or credit card company blowing smoke when you've been the victim of Identity Theft! Rob - the pleasure was all ours, thanks for being part of our mission! ~Mike

I highly recommend contacting Mike Cardoza for any credit report or consumer rights matters. He's an expert in his field and can walk you through the strength of your case in a clear and concise manner, while providing valuable advice on best next steps. He's patient, generous with his time, and willing to fight for what's right.

Sonia L
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Credit Reporting Errors are what we do - the dollar amount doesn't matter at all. Thank you for trusting us Sonia! ~Mike

Everybody at the Cardoza Law Corporation was nice and very informed. They won my case. The resolution of my case was not only brought to a successful end, but I must honestly admit, the victory in my case was even better than I would have dared hope for. THANK YOU,, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Rene Nuzzolo
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: YEAH! It does feel good to crush these guys. We love it too. Thanks for sharing this with everyone Rene! ~Mike

Spoke with Mike Cardozo this evening and he was very knowledgeable and helpful. Best consumer attorney in California hands down.

Richard Harris
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Richard - what a great chat, thanks! Thanks for calling me and we'll talk again soon! ~Mike

If you’re in a rut and are thinking about calling Mike, just do it.
He’s a great guy with a strong team that was able to help me out.

Bryan C
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Team work makes the dream work! Thanks for the acknowledgement Bryan - it means a lot to all of us!

I called Mike's office and was pleasantly greeted. His assistant gathered some initial information and quickly confirmed that Mike would like to speak with me on the matter I was calling for. When Mike and I spoke, he had obviously taken the time to understand the situation, from what information I had already provided. He had a clear a direct means to address this with the other parties representation. In that moment, he kept me on the line while he called the other firm. He handled the situation with me listening... Read More

Todd R Lewis
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Todd - thanks for reminding me about that phone call! That was incredibly classic! It's fun when you're sitting in the drivers' seat, and with strong consumer protection laws in California, you usually are. Have a good one and keep me on speed dial! ~Mike

I reached out to Mike Cardozo
I found him very professional and knowledgeable for a consultation
He discussed different scenarios on the outcome .I was happy with the service he provided.
On a different scenario he referred me to a professional Attorney .
I would recommend anyone to reach out to him
Cheers .

Pam Narayan
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Thanks Pam - I love helping people get to where they need to go!

Even though Mike could not help in my situation, he was patient, a good listener and gave some tips and options if I wanted to go in a different direction. I didn't feel rushed in talking with him and will referral my friends and family who could use his services.

Belinda Lacey
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: I think it's important to listen to the whole situation and figure out what's best for the big picture. I enjoyed our conversation Belinda, and I'm so glad you found it helpful!

Very helpful in navigating through this complicated topic. What are your rights, what are their rights and so on. I felt sane after my conversation with Mike and felt way more causative. It’s nice to feel like you have an ally.

Vince Black
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Vince - we love what we do and I'm glad that it shows. Once you know everybody's possible moves on the chessboard, you can plan your attack! ~Mike
Farah Namin
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: We're so glad you're happy with the result Farah! Thanks for the review! ~Mike

Attorney Mike Cardoza is very professional, extremely patient in listening, considerate and an excellent communicator. I highly recommend his expertise and services for top notch care with approach to legal needs. He's very knowledgeable, answered all of my questions and gave me advice with compassion and empathy. Great lawyer! Thank You Mike.

Mirela Micula
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Thank YOU Mirela!

I had a safe and secure conversation with Mr. Cardoza. He was straight to the point and provided me with solid information.

Yvette 2828
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Everything that anyone says to me or any of our staff is totally confidential! Thank you for your trust and the review Yvette! ~Mike

,I recived good service, and advice, because of the help i recived i am able to put this problem to rest.
I recommend this firm, and thank them for there help.

Gary Estes
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Thank You Gary - we like to have the conversation and get people moving in the right direction! Call early and often!

Real thing Mike is the best. A good human being and solid professional. Not many like him 100%

Ken Muth
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Thanks Ken!

Even for the initial consultation call, Mike was very personable and determined to get information and causality for what I was entitled to, does thorough research in a matter of minutes and can give a good laugh or two.

Shara Wise
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Shara - thank you. I really enjoyed our conversation too! Thanks for calling me!

Attorney Mike Cardoza was extremely helpful in answering our questions and reviewing our information. His online chat was very helpful in sending our information and scheduling was right on time with excellent communications to set us up for consultation appointment. Luckily we reached out to him in early stages of case because he gave us very was right on mark. pertinent information very important in protecting ourselves. Advice was just what we needed to know & we were relieved he was looking out for our... Read More

Sl M
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: You're so right! Nobody wants to talk to a lawyer - I know that - but the sooner you do it, the better off you'll be. In fact, if you get to me early enough, you may not even need to file a lawsuit. Your problem, whatever it is, is like that milk in the back of the fridge - it's not getting any better with age. Call early!

Mike provided me with excellent service. Highly recommended to handle your case. Thank you!

Yvonne Jones
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Our pleasure Yvonne! Thanks for sharing your experience. You're the kind of person who picks up the phone and makes things happen!

I am an attorney, but when you want the right answers you need to talk with an attorney who specializrs in area of law you need help in. Michael knew the statutes and case law to support my position right off the top of his head because this is what he does. I highly reccomend Cardoza Law.

Bill Suttell
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Bill - thanks for the recommendation! If you're an attorney with clients who suffer from ID Theft, collection harassment or credit reporting errors, we'll take great care of them and never let them forget who made it all possible!

This was definitely the right option for me, and a great experience. When debt collectors break the law, they need to pay. The Cardoza Law Corporation, when it takes a case on contingency, takes on the risk and expense of filing as air-tight a case as they can. This does often limit how much you as the plaintiff can win, because again, the firm is taking the risk. But often, the settlement includes disappearance of the alleged debt. That can make a win something big. For me, they took on two cases. Both settled,... Read More

The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Drewed - thanks for sharing this because when I tell people that those debt collection letters and phone calls might be worth money, they look at my like I'm growing an ear on my forehead!!

Mike, for a free consultation, you gave me much needed peace of mind with the advice you gave me over the phone, with free consultation! Mike is fantastic and if you need help with any of the areas that Mike deals with, use him! I did and it was the best thing I ever did by contacting Mike Cardoza.

Fred Wyatt
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Fred - thanks so much for your call, that was fun! These banks and creditors act like they're so in charge - but they're not. Have a super weekend! ~Mike

Cardoza Law was easy to talk to, and provided me with good information on how to deal with a potential scammer. I highly recommend them, even if you have just basic questions.

Scott Tomelloso
The Cardoza Law Corporation Replied: Scott - thank you so much for the feedback! Sometimes you have a case, sometimes you don't, but either way, we want to give people tools to know what's going on and improve their situation. ~Mike

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