The Arena

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3350 Sports Arena Blvd
Suite B
San Diego, CA 92110
United States
(619) 222-5554
Bryant D gave The Arena a 5 star Rating

The arena is a good place!! Everyone there makes you feel welcome. The coaches are great always helping out. I went In with no experience of any martial arts or any knowledge of fight skills. I been doing FMA with coach Charles and Henry real good guys to learn from. I'm looking foward to learning m... See More

Bryant Delgado Recommends The Arena

Knowledgeable instructors with a great staff in a good environment

1 week ago
Brian Carlson Recommends The Arena

One of the cleanest facilities I have trained at with more than enough equipment and classes suited for anyone!

2 weeks ago
Zasha Camacho Recommends The Arena

One of the best boxing gyms in San Diego. Great staff & clean facilities. Doesn't get better than this place.

2 weeks ago
Tony Gee Recommends The Arena

best gym in southern California.

3 weeks ago
Loren Springer Recommends The Arena

I've been to MMA gyms all across the country. Not a single one can compare to the Arena. Glad to be part of the family again.

3 weeks ago
Salvatore Filippone Recommends The Arena

Great gym and staff. Started this month and getting back in shape primarily through boxing and high intensity training. Plenty of parking, bathrooms, and showers, which is a plus. Looking forward to losing the weight with this crew.

4 weeks ago
Eitan Metcalf Recommends The Arena

Great place and highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn some form of martial arts. I’ve been attending the Muay Thai classes for 6 months, and Kru Mark is an amazing teacher. On top of that, other students are friendly and more than willing to help. Classes are conducted throughout the day, which is great for me, since being active duty means my work day is unpredictable. Worth every dollar going here.

2 months ago
Brennen Muhlhan Recommends The Arena

The boxing class is phenomenal and so much fun!

3 months ago
Teylor Lopez Recommends The Arena

If you're serious about wanting to learn and learn right, this is THE place. Every coach is truly an expert in their fields, if you are ready and willing to take your training to the next level; they are great in supporting you and getting you to where you want to be. You won't be sorry about signing up and committing to bettering yourself and your skills.

3 months ago
Tou Toui Recommends The Arena

Parceque mon papa y travaille 😁

4 months ago
Luis Mayorga Recommends The Arena

This gyms has multiple classes going on the day, friendly faces, and great teachers.

4 months ago
Luther Martin Recommends The Arena

The arena is definitely worth checking out

4 months ago
Lj Aurelio gave The Arena a 4 star review

Classes for beginners to advanced, instructors are awesome, would recommend

4 months ago
Axson De La Torre Recommends The Arena

Great gym if you want to some training done properly. Everyone is pretty chill and willing to help each other out. The teachers will inspire you to get better at what you're trying to do, plus compared to other gyms the price ain't that bad. Would recommend if you're serious about training

4 months ago
Saul Eslava Recommends The Arena

The arena has very talented instructors and friendly staff, they also offer a variety of classes to fit busy schedules with prices that accommodate for everyones price range. If you are looking for a new place to practice your craft or start a new journey this is it.

4 months ago
Dan Bellows Recommends The Arena

No drop in fee, classes available throughout the entire day, awesome instructors and skilled training partners. Highly recommend for anyone in San Diego looking for serious training.

4 months ago
Prince Rojo Recommends The Arena

love the arena feels like home best place to learn

6 months ago
Kevin Valenzuela Recommends The Arena

The awesome energy and knowledge that you get in the Arena is outstanding. From the people that train here, the staff to the world-class coaches, everyone is friendly and eager to help you with anything. They have an impressive gym facility that’s kept clean and well taken care of. Classes are always intense while always having fun. Regardless of the level of athlete that you are if you are looking for top notch training with a very fun and inspiring environment the Arena is the place for you!

6 months ago
Steve Marcello Arce Recommends The Arena

Baret Yoshida Literally ALL I have to say. Of course this thing requires Twenty Five Words though. 😊😄😂

6 months ago
Jacob Dempsey Recommends The Arena

I was only able to train there one day, 3 classes, while I was in San Diego for a business conference. The Judo and Jiu Jitsu instructors where skilled at their arts and teaching. I love the work outs - Sensei Jacob Dempsey - Northern Lights Martial Arts, Anchorage, Alaska

6 months ago
Thaddeus Wilson Recommends The Arena

I started at the Arena a few months back, looking for a place where I could learn to actually fight. I practiced some martial arts as a kid but had not done any intensive workouts for about 20 years. The instructors at the Arena are great teachers. They do not coddle, and are always very real, both in the manner in which they teach and with the content of the classes. I have taken classes in Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing and Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima/Kali), and all of the teachers are expert and instill confidence that you are learning worthwhile techniques and drilling for necessary conditioning. Coach Willie, Coach Charles, Coach Henry, Coach Tone and Coach Joe are all seasoned professionals and good people. The facility itself is well maintained, and the class schedule is awesome. I love that classes begin a 6am and run all day on the weekdays. I am looking forward to the next couple years of training as my time here so far has been one of the best learning experiences of my life! Thanks to everybody who works so hard to make The Arena happen.

6 months ago
Kasen Ddickerson Recommends The Arena

I think the arena is great to get work in and get better

7 months ago
Kimberly Lisa Heelee Dickerson Recommends The Arena

The atmosphere of the arena is amazing and there are so many people there wanting to achieve their goals in fighting and in life. Being there reminds me that if we want something we have to put in the work for it. With that there are people there who want to support you on that journey which is huge. The different classes avaliable allow you to try any type of blood sport you’d like! For me, Muay Thai has been a huge game changer in my confidence and mind body unity. So anyone wanting to get more in tune with their mind and body, along with building confidence, you have to check it out The Arena!

7 months ago
Raul Gonzalez Recommends The Arena

The Best gym in San Diego hands down. Great coaches and staff. Shoutout to coach Joe. I've learned a lot and definitely sharpened my skills. Everyone is welcome no matter your skill level.

7 months ago
Ivan Jovčić Recommends The Arena

Great place with a lot of different classes, friendly stuff and amazing coaches. For sure one of the best MMA gyms in SD.

7 months ago

The best place to train, hands down. They have the most classes a day with variety of martial arts. If you are thinking about starting or finding a new gym... more

Bryan B. gave The Arena a 5 star review

I came to this Gym to get in shape and primarily to study Filipino Martial Arts. I also wanted to get into authentic Muay Thai and some Jujitsu. The FMA... more

Dexter D. gave The Arena a 5 star review

The Arena is a great place to get in shape and challenge yourself. If you want a cardio kickboxing style gym then this is not the place. However if you... more

Aj R. gave The Arena a 5 star review

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