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Hello everyone!
By looking at my selfie, some of you might be thinking if this product even work lol.. I started using Anorectant 10 along with a reduced cal diet and workout 2 weeks ago at 210lbs! I've always had a very muscular body but after giving birth and eating a lot of refined and fatty foods with a sedentary lifestyle this happened to me within 3 years! People... adding Anorectant 10 to my new regimen has been the key! I noticed some major improvements with my energy level and I've never been so focused! No jitters or nausia like some other caffeine based fat burners do, Anorectant 10 provides me with pure alertness and balanced energy level throughout the entire day. Being 5'8 and now 10lbs lighter after 2 weeks, I decided to bump up to 2capsules a day with my morning shake. I have to remind myself to eat or I would skip right through and the gym became my sanctuary. I see myself doing those extra reps and extra cardio laps everyday and it feels good!! I'm getting my lean body back with Anorectant 10 no doubt.

-- Karia R

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