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I have found Anorectant No.10 to be an extremely effective product. When I first started taking Anorectant No.10, I had already been dieting for about two months (with moderate success). When I added Anorectant No.10 my weight loss (fat loss, really) skyrocketed!
I am a 48 year old male and I have already had great successes with Test Stack Rx, so I knew that this fat loss supplement would be on target. I am currently on a 5 day a week training schedule, and employing a Ketogenic diet. Before I started using Anorectant No.10, I had lost approximately 8 pounds in 2 months, with the addition of Anorectant No.10, I have dropped another 20 pounds while employing the same training and diet in a month and a half! Suffice to say, I think Anorectant No.10 made the difference!

-- Jeffrey T

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