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About a month ago I got back into the gym after over a year and a half of no exercise. I was run down, had no energy, and was rail thin. I lose weight when I am not active. I was super idealistic and wanted to get in the gym five days a week, but my work schedule has not allowed it. Despite this I am blown away at how quickly I have developed muscle mass and definition, and my energy levels are great. I have worked in the natural supplement world, and tried many of the best supplements on the market, and many obscure products. I have taken many of the ingredients in Test Stack Rx in other forms, but Test Stack is a very well formulated synergistic blend that I would put at the top of it’s class. I just feel more solid when I take it.

The only thing that would improve this formula is if you took out the artificial dyes and switched to a vegetable capsule and used an alternative to the magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, and silicone dioxide. Why have such a great and expensive supplement but have the capsules be made out of crap.


-- Nicholas H

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