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Been taking both Test Stack n.o 17 and Anorectant n.o 10 for over a week.from the first day i felt the changes it was making in both my training and day to day life.

in my day to day life i've found that i wake up fresh and alert unlike before.I've found my mood's at work have improved 10 fold before i was always stressed which would lead to me getting very angry; now i go with the flow and find the stress and axiety not effecting me.I've found my productivity has picked up it's pace too,i no longer suffer the mental and physical fatigue i would get day to day.

i train in the gym 7 day's a week (6 day's intense and 1 "active" rest day) for 5 of these day's i train straight after work.i've found that i can now push myself so much further than before,in both my weight training and cardio.

physically i'm finding various places loosing the fat i had,especially the bottom of my gut.Both product's are amazing and i'm absolutely over the moon to have come across them.Not only are the product's great but the after support is amazing too,i very much now look forward to reading the news letter email's i receive from Dr. Field Farrar .They are aiding in the best changes of my journey in improving myself and fitness

-- Jono B

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