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I started using Anorectant wtih Test Stack 17 on 9/24. After 10 days, I've noticed the start of some great things: The weight is starting to come off, starting from the top, down. My face is leaner and my waist fat is starting to recede. And I'm not nearly as hungry as before. Good appetite suppress... See More


I started using Test Stack 17 on 9/24. So far I've noticed the start of some great things: Quicker recovery after workout and a greater feeling of well being - I'm practically jumping out of bed at 4:45 a.m.! I'm glad that it's ramping up gradually as opposed to "all of a sudden" - as the effects ra... See More


Test stack #17 has been great in helping with more reps per pound of weight lifted . Increased stamina in all areas of performance....

Lacy Nathaniel gave Test Stack Rx a 4 star Review on Facebook

Test stack #17 has been great in helping with more reps per pound of weight lifted . Increased stamina in all areas of performance.


Works great I lost 25lbs and have lots of energy. Will order again....

Russell Lee gave Test Stack Rx a 5 star Review on Facebook

This is a great product I have lost over 25 lbs while taking this product. Would recommend it to everyone, but as in all things you have to put in the work it’s not a miracle pill. Even if I didn’t lose weight it gives me a great energy.


WOW! This product is really awesome. I've been using Test Stack Rx for 10 days. It's still too early, but I just finished my tren-cycle last week and so far have not lost any momentum on my gains from the cycle. In the past I have always lost after a cycle. Oh, and I'm a little embarressed but my li... See More


Test stack Rx is the best, I feel great taken test right before the gym and my work out how improve greatly!!!!


About a month ago I got back into the gym after over a year and a half of no exercise. I was run down, had no energy, and was rail thin. I lose weight when I am not active. I was super idealistic and wanted to get in the gym five days a week, but my work schedule has not allowed it. Despite this I a... See More


Text Stack RX has helped increase my total testosterone by 5% in 4 months of use, my Dr is happy with these results thus far!


Hey .ok Anorectant NO. 10 I’ve been on this fat burner for about 3 weeks now. So far so good I have notice I have lost some body fat . My body wait hasn’t really changed but I am a lot leaner Anorectant NO. 10 great fat burner keep up the good work thank you


My review on Anorectant No 10. It is the first time I have ever used a weight loss product. I was very skeptical on how it would make me feel. The first week I was taking 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in early afternoon. I felt fine and not hungry. The 2nd week I took 2 capsules first thing... See More

Jim Copeland gave Test Stack Rx a 4 star Review on Facebook

Hello, I am halfway through my 1st. bottle of Test Stack. I felt more energetic about two days of taking the product. After a few more days my strength went WAY up and I noticed that I was getting aroused very easily. I have taken everything under the sun over the years, and not many products do wh... See More


Test Stack No. 17 has been providing benefits nearly from Day 1. Knowing all that went in to it's creation gave me confidence which helped me start with a good attitude about the possibilities. Within a few days my workouts increased in intensity & duration. I was adding reps, sets, and weight to e... See More


A month in. Down 12 pounds. So far, so good. Only gave four stars on the theory that nothing is perfect and this is only the first month. If it is still working this week in three months I may have to revisit.


I'm a 70 year old strength athlete. My main goal with Test Stack Rx was to see if it would help me to gain strength and recover faster from intense training. I have been taking Test Stack for almost a full month and can definitely say that my strength has started moving forward again and I am rec... See More


I have been using the product for around three weeks and have been very consistent. I take two tablets in the morning and two in the evening. I have not felt any change yet and hoping to feel the change soon. I am 53 years old, 6’3” tall and weigh around 215. I’m in pretty good shape. I lift ... See More


I've been using Test Stack for just under a month now and can already see results - increased vasculrity, longevity in workouts, increased weight capacity, increased muscle definition, and increased drive. I was originally skeptical about the results, but can honestly say this product works.


About 3 weeks in and feeling like I have more energy. Looking forward to the next few months.


I have found Anorectant No.10 to be an extremely effective product. When I first started taking Anorectant No.10, I had already been dieting for about two months (with moderate success). When I added Anorectant No.10 my weight loss (fat loss, really) skyrocketed!
I am a 48 year old male and I have... See More


Just recently started; but as a middle aged man - I am already seeing my ability to train harder during workouts has skyrocketed, and my ability to recover and put together consecutive days of training has returned - so far, I am very impressed. Thanks


Test Stack Rx is the only test booster I've found to actually work. Use it regularly and you will find more strength, more energy and increased libido. In other words, you'll feel like your 25 again. Absolutely love this.


Test stack no17 is fantastic it works as advertised and furthermore the customer service side was phenomenal. I recommend this product and anorectant to all my gym buddies.


Over the last month I have noticed increased strength and endurance that I attribute to an increase in testosterone brought on by daily supplementation with Test Stack Rx. I have more energy and wake up each morning well rested and ready to go. I would definitely recommend Test Stack Rx to anyone ... See More


Anorectant No. 10 is working fine. Not noticing major changes quickly, but I wasn't expecting to see major changes overnight anyways. Overall, it works and I will definitely continue to use it. I purchased 2 bottles and will definitely run it till the end. It is working great along side of my curre... See More


Started taking test stack last year after coming across the product on a fitness site. I found the reviews hard to believe so I wanted to try it for my weight training. I started with a 90 day supply to get going. Within a week I started to feel more energy and amazing focus. My lifting steadily ros... See More


Been taking both Test Stack n.o 17 and Anorectant n.o 10 for over a week.from the first day i felt the changes it was making in both my training and day to day life.

in my day to day life i've found that i wake up fresh and alert unlike before.I've found my mood's at work have improved 10 fold be... See More

Lacy Nathaniel gave Test Stack Rx a 4 star review

Test stack #17 has been great in helping with more reps per pound of weight lifted . Increased stamina in all areas of performance.

1 year ago
Russell Lee gave Test Stack Rx a 5 star review

Works great I lost 25lbs and have lots of energy. Will order again.

1 year ago
Jim Copeland gave Test Stack Rx a 4 star review
2 years ago
Brian Smith gave Test Stack Rx a 5 star review

Test stack 17 is the best testosterone booster I have ever tried. I've tried alot of them and they were all junk. Alot of energy, libido through the roof, aggression at the gym, kept my midsection nice and tight.

4 years ago
Osama Nabulsi gave Test Stack Rx a 5 star review

This is one of the best products I have taken ...worth every penny ...

4 years ago
Alejandro Jaime gave Test Stack Rx a 5 star review

Test Stack No. 17 what a great product, and great service also. A natural Testosterone booster that really works. Use as directed and you will be surprised with the results. More strength, more stamina, better overall performance, younger. Really like it.

4 years ago
Frank Cook gave Test Stack Rx a 5 star review

I'm going to be 50 in December. One of my goals was to have a body like I was a 30 year man in terrific shape. And I know that in order for that goal to be accomplished, I would need to supplement and supplement consistently with a booster that works. This works! You can turn back the clock because there's nothing that says we accept aging. You put in the work, eat well, get rest and keep your stress levels down, and brother you've got the world on a string.

4 years ago
Michael Weber gave Test Stack Rx a 5 star review

Anorectant is hands down one of the best fat burners I've ever used. I'm 500 cals under my maintenance and I'm dropping lbs each week. Best of yet, I have a lot of energy and don't get mean cravings like I normally do when cutting. To get these results I usually have to be 1000 below maintence calories and feel sluggish. I am definitely going to be using Anorectant again! Another great job, time to stock up like I have done with Test Stack! I use it year round and can feel the difference when I am off it. Keep up the great work with these products! Thank you very much! -- Michael W

4 years ago
Fede Rico gave Test Stack Rx a 5 star review

"I've seen great results with test stack no17 and would recommend it to anyone looking to put on muscle while burning body fat."

5 years ago

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