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Dixi Willemse gave TekCollect a 4 star Rating on Google

Tek Collect has virtually eliminated our 90+ Aging issues. They focus on preserving the relationship between us and our patients. They make the process easy, transparent, and seamless. With a series of clear steps, I can collect outstanding balances more easily, efficiently, and with less upset by patients. Their goal is to help us collect our portion BEFORE we have to send the account to them. Once it goes to TekCollect, though, they have a wonderful system that both preserves the relationship AND in... Read More...

Marie Gambetta gave TekCollect a 5 star Review on Google

Jeff our sales Rep is awesome. He is always available and did a two hour webinar training. We have used them with other companies that we have an have a 90% collection rate....

Monica Gordon gave TekCollect a 5 star Review on Google

TekCollect personnel are very helpful and prompt to provide answers as needed.


I've been a customer for almost two years. I can honestly say that anytime I've needed assistance, they've been just a phone call away. Prompt and friendly service. Mike has been great!

Chris Morton gave TekCollect a 5 star Rating on Google

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