Tarantola Dentistry

Reviews: 44

Average: 4.9 out of 5 Stars

559 West Twincourt Trl
Unit 606
Saint Augustine, Fl 32095
United States

gave Tarantola Dentistry 5 stars


I have had very many dental appointments over the years, including two in foreign countries. Dr. Tarantola exceeds all other dentists by a significant margin. His conservative approach is refreshing by doing what is best for the patient, not for his financial gain. His is meticulous and very thorough in his work, providing personal attention instead of making you feel rushed through, as many offices do to meet quotas.
My last appointment included work on five teeth. Upon determining that it would be less complicated than anticipated, he adjusted his fee significantly. I feel many other dental practices would have simply 'had an easier day', and just kept the fees the same. Such honesty is truly something to be appreciated.
His assistant seems to have ESP, in anticipating what needs to be done throughout the procedures. The Dental hygienist has the same attention to detail. This dental practice is truly the Best.

-- Don S

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