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Hi. My name is Chris. I’ve lived in Jacksonville for almost 33-years. I moved to the city just after completing high school and worked as a dental laboratory technician for 5-years just after arriving – while I put myself through college. Being a lab technician, I worked preparing crowns and bridges for many Jacksonville dentists. The quality of each dentist’s work was evident in the impressions and materials they provided to the lab – which was needed to make the crowns and bridges their patients needed. Lab technicians also had a lot of interaction with each dentist to ensure the patient received the highest quality product from the lab. Through these experiences, I’ve come to recognize the different levels of quality that dentists provide to their patients.

My “dental situation” is a complicated one. Before I had come to recognize the qualities of a good dentist, I had the misfortune of encountering a bad one. I had chipped my two upper front teeth in a teenage accident and simply needed to have them crowned. Unfortunately, the work provided by the dentist was of very poor quality and eventually caused me to require root canals and posts in both teeth.

After this experience, I longed to find the best dentist in Jacksonville. I desperately needed a dentist who could “fix” my smile. I found that dentist in Dr. Tarantola. The superior level of quality and service he provided to me, including meticulous detail to ensuring teeth appearance and aesthetics, restored my smile and gave me the confidence to show it to everyone I meet. For many years, I’ve come to rely on Dr. Tarantola and his assistant (Cheryl). They’re an amazing team, who can almost “read each other’s thoughts” to ensure that patient is very comfortable and receiving the best possible care.

I’ve come to trust Dr. Tarantola’s exceptional skill, amazing results and warm and friendly bedside manner. Now that I’ve found the best dentist I’ve ever encountered, I won’t go anywhere else. I have so much faith in him (and his team) that I continue to seek his services – even after he move his office from Jacksonville to St. Augustine (requiring me a 45-minute commute each way to visit his new location).

-- Chris W

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