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gave Tarantola Dentistry 5 stars


I received a text from my 20 something daughter after she had a crown put in by Dr. Tarantola. Her text said:

“I can’t thank you enough for finding this dentist. While I don’t think I will ever look forward or enjoy going to the dentist, this was BY FAR the easiest dental work experience. They are phenomenal. I was pretty anxious going into it and they did the best novacane & comfort experience. 10/10.”

This compliment is coming from a very discerning and wise patient because she has experiences with many doctors and dentists on her health journey. While I can't go back and change my daughter's journey with health professionals who treat young people with a lack of respect, compassion and empathy, I will always look for ways to praise health professionals like Dr. Tarantola that far exceed expectations, cause no harm, and treat young patients like they would treat their own child.  I will add that my daughter has gone to this practice a few times for consults and she loves their approach to dental concerns and issues, including whether or not to remove wisdom teeth depending on your unique dental profile. In gratitude!

-- Kim L

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