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If I could give Tarantola Dentistry a hundred stars, I would! Today was my second experience with the practice and the second time Dr. T saved me from unnecessary procedures. I didn't continue my association with his practice after the intial contact simply because of the extra travel involved in getting to him; but now I'm done with any other dentist in the area. I'll go the extra miles to see the doctor I trust to do the right thing for me.

Most recently the incident that took me back to Dr. T occurred when I went on a first appointment with a new dentist. He did a "comprehensive oral evaluation" and recommended I have a cracked molar crowned, but first he wanted me to have a root canal. I had absolutely zero pain in that tooth, so I inquired about the necessity for a root canal (at an additional $1,100-1,400). I was told, not in such clear language though, it was a preventive measure so there wouldn't be pain after the crown was completed. What?!! So I left his office and went home and did some research. I found there is indeed a greater possibility of needing a root canal after getting a crown, but it's not a significant percentage of patients even as much as 15 years later. In thinking it over, I considered several possibilities for the recommendation: (a) the in-house endodontist at the practice needed to be kept busy, (b) mo' money, and (c) questionable ability of the person doing the crown. But I felt strongly, to give the man the benefit of the doubt, I should get a second opinion, which is when I called Tarantola Dentistry. Dr. T was able to see me the very next day for an evaluation.

I was shown the films of my tooth and learned not only was the structure still good but also the nerves were fine, with no abscess and no infection. A root canal was definitely not needed and Dr. Tarantola offered a better alternative to a crown, a resin-based restoration that would save the tooth without disturbing the nerves--those in the tooth and those in my psyche! After he gave me that news, I left his office feeling I'd been given a reprieve from the gulag. I mean, have you ever talked to anybody with a good root canal story?!!

Today I had the restoration done. Saved me over a thousand dollars and I have my original tooth with a makeover!! It's beautiful! And Dr. T and Cheryl--what a team. Poetry in motion. They're so proficient and compassionate, as well as entirely trustworthy. I'm done with the rest of the dental practices in the area. Dr. Tarantola and his staff will be the only people taking care of my teeth from now on!

-- Kathleen C

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