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My experience at Tarantola Dentistry has been amazing and every visit I am made to feel welcomed with genuine care. No waiting time ever. I received quality care and any questions I might have are answered. Dr. Tarantola and his team were always highly professional, helpful and honest with treatment... See More


My experience with Dr. Tarantola at Tarantola Dentistry was nothing short of outstanding. Dr. T and the rest of the staff are all so personable and friendly! My dental bonding procedure was quick, painless, professional and the results exceeded my expectations! Dr. T ensured that i was happy with th... See More


I have had very many dental appointments over the years, including two in foreign countries. Dr. Tarantola exceeds all other dentists by a significant margin. His conservative approach is refreshing by doing what is best for the patient, not for his financial gain. His is meticulous and very tho... See More


Dr Tarantola and his staff are pleasant, congenial and sensitive to the patient's needs and reactions. I appreciated the personal attention to my husband as well. They always recognized him and updated him carefully on what turned out to be an extended process. The end product leaves me with what I'... See More


I felt comfortable with Dr T and Sheryl at our very first meeting.
They came up with a plan for me which made sense and was followed through thoroughly at every step
Apppointment times were always on time with no waiting
I am very happy with the complete rehab of both upper and lower teeth
I wou... See More


I am very appreciative of the high level of care for my health as well as for my teeth! I will be back! Thanks so much for everything! Deb 😁


Looking for a Dentist? Dr. Gregory Tarantola, located in the World Golf Village, has been my dentist for many years and I highly recommend he and his staff. He has provided skilled and compassionate care during my varied
dental procedures and is favorable to using natural products when possible.


Very personable service. They take time to explain all options & treatments. Make u feel very WELCOME & part of a family of dentistry. A+ ALL THE WAY😁😁


These people are the best!!!

I had a space in between my two front teeth and my retainer was not longer doing the job .... I asked Dr. T and he knew exactly what I needed. Put some bonding on my teeth and closed the space right up ... superb job and looks good!! If you go here for anything I'm su... See More


What great people! Knowledgeable and use alot of holistic methods! Other places insisted I get a root canal costing thousands, but Tarantola cleaned and fixed it without the need for crazy surgery. Plus they used ozone and low level lazers, really cool and not toxic. Saved my tooth. Thank you guys s... See More


Best dental group. Have been a client for over5 years. Highly recommend and we travel an hour because this care cannot be duplicated.


Dr Tarantola and his whole team are the BEST dentist office I have EVER been to --from the cleanings -to any work I needed done. I'm never sore afterwards and his knowledge of what's required along with his expertise is unprecedented. I would recommend him and his team to everyone!!!


Dr T & staff made a not so great procedure very tolerable/comfortable. My tooth extraction was no so scary. Dr T walked me through each step & put me at ease. I highly recommend them & have referred my family & friends. If you need a dentist that you can trust, call Dr Tarantola!


I suffered from chronic fatigue for several years. My Doctor was able to resolve most of my symptoms. But, I still spent many days just sitting on the couch reading a book or watching TV because I was too fatigued to do anything else. After subsequent testing, my Doctor determined that I had a ch... See More


Hi. My name is Chris. I’ve lived in Jacksonville for almost 33-years. I moved to the city just after completing high school and worked as a dental laboratory technician for 5-years just after arriving – while I put myself through college. Being a lab technician, I worked preparing crowns and... See More


I chose Tarantola Dentistry because of their holistic and natural approach to teeth and understanding that the mouth is a gateway to health. I have chemical sensitivities and Dr. Tarantola was knowledgeable and suggested a test I was actually waiting to see if he mentioned
I was not disappointed... See More


Absolutely the best dental experience I've ever had. Doctor Tarentola is a consummate professional.
I had the most extensive dental work done in my life. It involved tooth extractions bone grafting composite fillings and crowns. At no time during any of the procedures did I experience pain.
... See More


Dr. Tarantola is hands down the best dentist I've ever been to ... excellent dental care combined with warmth and genuine interest in his patients, not to mention a holistic emphasis on healthy teeth, his wife Cheryl and hygienist Jenna are caring and both do an excellent job as well. I am so gratef... See More

Rene A. Hall gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review

I am so happy to have found Dr. Tarantola. Definitely the best dentist I have ever been to. It is so refreshing to have dentistry done from a holistic approach. Thank you!

1 year ago
John Salmon gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review

This a review from my wife Mary. I suffered from chronic fatigue for several years. My Doctor was able to resolve most of my symptoms. But, I still spent many days just sitting on the couch reading a book or watching TV because I was too fatigued to do anything else. After subsequent testing, my Doctor determined that I had a chronic infection. It had been in my body for so long, that my body had stopped fighting it. He gave me some therapies to try, but also suggested that based upon my symptoms I may have a problem with my teeth. I didn't think that was possible, since my teeth didn't hurt and they felt perfectly normal. The additional therapies didn't seem to make much of a difference, so I started to consider the connection with my teeth. I did some research and started to realize that I had some 50 year old silver fillings, 35 year old composite fillings and two 30 year old crowns. I visited a few dentists to discuss removing the old dental work and replacing it. They each placed me in the dental chair, inspected the fillings and crowns and told me everything looked ok. I couldn't get anyone to listen to my story. I'd just about given up hope, when my husband who is in the medical profession, found Dr. Tarantola. We made an appointment, and the first thing Dr. Tarantola did was to sit me down in a small conference room and talk to me about my dental concerns. He agreed that dental work that old could have degraded over time and possibly be a cause for infection. He came up with a plan for removing the old dental work and replacing it. I've already had several appointments with Dr. Tarantola, and after each one I've noticed an increase in my energy level. I'm starting to feel like my old self again. Thank you Dr. Tarantola for restoring my health!!! -- Mary B

1 year ago
Sharon Benton DeAlexandris gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review

Truly, I look forward to my appointments and I come a distance to follow him now in St Augustine. I totally recommend he and his methods, Cheryl and Jenna for all your dental needs.

1 year ago
Gloria Ramirez Andino gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review
2 years ago
Nilda Torres gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review

I struggled a lot with my bite and other problems I have been seen Dr Tarantola for over ten years God bless him, he has been a life saver Ps. Pain free

3 years ago
Jennifer Grant gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review

Excellent holistic dentist! Knowledgeable about remineralizing teeth through diet.

3 years ago
Chris Graw gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review

Dad broke a tooth. We called Dr. Greg who saw him right away and gave us options to consider with no pressure.

3 years ago
Scotti Glidewell gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review

In a word... awesome ! You can not imagine how much I appreciate Dr Greg and Cheryl's infinite patience and understanding with me as I have anxiety issues regard anything to do with my teeth and being in a dental chair :-) Had a broken molar with old metal/mercury filling... they stayed late to care for me and give me a professional and in-depth assessment of what was needed to bring immediate relief with another appointment a couple of days later for temp crown. Dr Greg's knowledge is obvious and their approach to a patient like me is so welcome as they are not in a hurry...very congenial... and their dedication to making the patient.. me... feel entirely comfortable during the entire procedure was a blessing ! Next is the permanent crown and will certainly proceed with further dental needs now that I have found these wonderful folks !

3 years ago
Barbara Mitchell Driscoll gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review

Thank you for taking care of Meghan for more than 7 years! We drove to Miami and now to north Florida because you are the greatest!

3 years ago
Beverly Smith Read gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review

If You Need a GREAT Dentist Dr. Tarantola is the BEST !!

3 years ago
Carlos N Teresa Maldonado gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review

We come from a distance to see Dr. Tarantola, it is totally worth the drive and his staff makes our appointments as convenient as possible, limiting trips to the office. Dr. T. has top notch care based in a healthy holistic approach. He does not have several patients going at once "chair hopping" between them. When you are there you are his only concern. Friendly accommodating staff. Pain free care. You couldn't ask for more.

3 years ago
Karen O'Brien Wittmann gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review

Best dentist ever! Dr. Tarantola removed all my amalgam fillings, HOLISTICALLY, which greatly improved my overall health. He pulled infected "root canal" teeth and replaced them with implants. He is gentle, caring and extremely knowledgeable in the field of dentistry. Not a "drill them & fill them" dentist !!!! Everyone deserves a dentist this GOOD.

4 years ago
Barbie Beckford gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review

Best dentist I've ever been to, most thorough dental exam I've ever had. I hate going to the dentist but I actually don't dread going to Dr Tarantola.

4 years ago
Wanda Georg Brigman gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review

Our family is cared for very well by Dr. Tarantola, Cheryl and the staff. We are so grateful to be under such competent, caring hands.

4 years ago
Jenna Reed gave Tarantola Dentistry a 5 star review
5 years ago

I am a complete WHIMP when it comes to the dentist! Just the thought of walking into an office full of all those noises.. drills, water slurping, etc drives... more

Stephani G. gave Gregory J. Tarantola DDS a 5 star review

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