Timothy Beeman

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1483 N Mt Juliet Rd #158
Mount Juliet, TN 37122
United States
(800) 492-7796

Timothy Beeman has been a very helpful and informative financial advisor. More than once he has helped make timely financial moves that benefit me far into the future. After having several other financial advisors, I have found Timothy's wisdom and advice profound. He can answer my questions simply ... See More


I met Tim when I was about to retire and he has given me excellent advice. It has been two years and I have been living comfortably since I have retired, based on his advise. He has guided me for that last two years. He is always available and very patient and easy to talk to. I would recommend ... See More


Tim has taken the time to work with us through our current and future retirement needs. He explains in great detail, but in terms we understand, what our investment options are and what we should be considering. He makes recommendations, but with no pressure and let’s us make decisions based on s... See More


Richard is very excited to recommend Timothy Beeman

Richard K gave Timothy Beeman a 5 star Rating

Tim Beeman has been an important person in my life. He began by shepherding me through the decision to retire and followed through with all the advice and help I needed to set up my retirement. He continues to be there for me and for my husband, always with wonderful optimism and encouragement. T... See More


Tim and I have been working together for the last two years. Tim has provided me with valuable information regarding my pre-retirement and has shown me and developed a strategy for my retirement. I find him to be very honest and open and he’s very good with communications, calling me all the time... See More


I have known Tim Beeman for over 30-years. I know him to be an educated, experienced and thoroughly profesional financial planner. He has proven to ve a valuable asset in my achieving my financial and retirement goals. Tim is a man who puts God and family first and I would trust him with my life.... See More


Timothy Beeman is the most wonderful business person that I have ever had the pleasure of working with . He's very professional on every level & just a super nice guy ! I give him the very highest rating .

James B gave Timothy Beeman a 5 star Rating

I have known Tim for over 20 years. We have worked together on many projects and I can tell you Tim is one of those one in a million people that when he tells you something, you can rest assured it’s his word and you’re in good hands. I’d recommend Tim’s Services in a heartbeat.


He is very knowledge and responsive to his customers.

Robert J gave Timothy Beeman a 4 star Rating

Timothy Beeman did a great job of providing me information to consider upon retirement. He presented various options and explained each to me. He inquired regarding my needs and ensured he understood my desires, what risk I was willing to take and then presented various products. I felt very comf... See More

Rosanne P gave Timothy Beeman a 5 star Rating

Would be nice to hear from you on a quarterly basis or twice a year to see if anything had changed or different choices I might have ..

TRACY C gave Timothy Beeman a 4 star Rating

Tim answered all of my questions and was knowledgeable about the retirement plan I was applying for. He is very patient with those of us with few skills when it comes to purchasing investment incomes for retirement. I feel that he is honest in presenting the advantages of such plans and has always... See More

Jonathan H gave Timothy Beeman a 4 star Rating

I enjoy talking to Tim because he explains the various retirement options in detail such as annuities. He cares about how my money will be useful to me in retirement. He is always available to reach and talk too. I'm very pleased with the services that he has provided to me in helping to make goo... See More

Rudene T gave Timothy Beeman a 5 star Rating

Susan gave Timothy Beeman an AWESOME Recommendation

Susan R gave Timothy Beeman a 5 star Rating
Rose K gave Timothy Beeman a 4 star Rating

Tim has been a trusted friend and business associate for over 20 years. It is not often that you meet someone professionally and developed a strong, enduring friendship. I believe the bedrock of our relationship is our sharing our faith in Jesus Christ. Through our faith we have been able to know ... See More

Jack K gave Timothy Beeman a 5 star Rating

"Tim Beeman is a great man and a skilled advisor! Most importantly, you can trust him implicitly. Tim will always treat you right."


Tim has been providing service to my company for over 20 years. He is someone we can count one each and every year to give me accurate facts and best choices for providing health care to our employees. His counsel is a very valued commodity here at Keifer-Riley Glass Inc. He would be difficult to... See More

Scott E gave Timothy Beeman a 5 star Rating

Timothy Beeman got a great recommendation by Penney

Penney A gave Timothy Beeman a 5 star Rating

Tim Beeman has been my insurance advisor through the company I work with for over 15 years!! And I can’t say enough about his efforts to provide the most suitable product for our company and for our staff. He is always available to work through every imaginable scenario and find a solution. In th... See More

Kathy D gave Timothy Beeman a 5 star Rating

Timothy Beeman got a great recommendation by Craig

Craig R gave Timothy Beeman a 5 star Rating

Tim Beeman is professional and knowledgeable. We were lost until we found Tim. He provides us with great guidance. He quickly assesses what is needed and no question is too small as he provides strategies/information. He is easily reached. We highly recommend him.

Nanette A gave Timothy Beeman a 5 star Rating

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