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We had the unfortunate "pleasure" of having our basement flood on the Sunday morning between Christmas and New Years. The sub pump gave out and the back up simply could not handle the flow. Two inches of water was discovered in the mostly finished basement just minutes before leaving for church.

I contacted a plumber and knowing a thing or two on how mold works, I contacted Swartz as well. I was greeted by their answering service who took all the pertinent information. I then began carrying out everything I possibly could. To my surprise, I was contacted within 30 minutes by Swartz, even before the plumbers return call. I gave them all the details and they began mobilizing. The plumber arrived about 30 minutes later and began replacing the pump. The sewer was backed up enough that it was not an easy task, but at least the water flow in had been halted. Less than 30 minutes after that I received a call from Ben Swartz making sure the water flow had stopped and to let me know they would be to the house within 15 minutes.

So less than 2 hours later Swartz's entire crew was going to work. They were great about explaining the entire process and thoroughly went to work, moving furniture, extracting the water from the carpet, and even carefully removing the baseboards and drilling holes in the wall to promote airflow and ensure no mold growth. About 5 hours later they left 15 fans and 3 industrial dehumidifiers to complete the job.

Ben and his team members monitored the situation for the next three days until everything was totally dry and placed back the way it was. No one wants to have a situation like this, but we are not going to get out of this life without difficulty. Ben and the entire team at Swartz Contracting were nothing but courteous and professional the entire time. From beginning to end, they did everything they could to try and help fix our unfortunate situation. From the quick response time on a Sunday between holidays, the professional completion, and the understanding of a difficult situation, Swartz performed exceedingly well and if you find yourself in one of those times in life that you need professional help, I cannot recommend them enough. We thank them for all they did.

-- Heath W

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