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The weekend my house flooded due to a frozen and burst pipe was overwhelming! All it took was one phone call from my insurance representative and Ben and his crew were there within an hour. They assessed the situation, began removing unsalvageable items, and salvaged everything they possibly could. They were very careful and not at all reckless with my belongings. The guys were so kind and considerate of me and my pets, who needless to say were really out of sorts. I was really impressed with how thorough they were to ensure my safety. Ben would go into the crawl space, and the attics, (I have three), and the basement, all on a daily, and sometimes twice a day basis to ensure the floors and house were drying out properly. They built a plastic tent in my living room to concentrate heated air in there because that's where the worst flooding occurred (floor and ceiling). They were very concerned about mold growth. Only once Ben was thoroughly satisfied it was dry, would he allow reconstruction to begin. I think what I was most impressed with though, was on day two when Ben came to me in my freezing house, put a blanket around my shoulders, and said, "Margie, let us take care of you". You see, just three months prior to this I had under gone a double mastectomy for breast cancer, and the weekend it happened, I was staying with my elderly parents taking care of them because my mom had just had a major surgery. Swartz's is exactly who I needed taking care of me at this time and they were WONDERFUL from beginning to the end, from the drying out to the reconstruction! I couldn't have asked for a more professional, dedicated, friendly group of people to work with and definitely would use them again if need arises.

-- Marjorie J

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