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I can only give praise to my therapist, Robyn, and the staff of Superior Rehabilitation for their professional knowledge and caring attitude towards their patients.
I had severely injured my shoulder and did NOT look forward to a road of rehab. However within minutes of my exercising, I had a smil... See More


My journey with Superior Rehabilitation began during the most painful time in my life to date. Looking back I recall I did not see the face of my therapist that first day because I was in such grave pain. During my initial visit I recalled his voice and touch. Which is all I had to rate my therapist... See More


I’ve had years of physical therapy at Superior Rehabilitation , and the only thing that changes are the days , the quality of care and therapy at superior is just one of the reasons i keep coming back , they have a great family type relationship with all of their customers and everyone is treate... See More


I didn't have much faith in rehab centers, nor much hope. but after visiting Superior Rehab, I must say that my point of view is completely turned around.
The results of the treatment were very good and immediate, the dedication and professional behavior of the staff in combination with a very fri... See More


On my first day, the tech did not realize it , and I had to ask for instructions. From then on all the techs and the therapists were very helpful and thorough guiding me thru all the levels of my therapy. They made sure I was doing each exercise correctly. As I made progress, they rejoiced with ... See More


The therapists & their assistants at Superior Rehabilitation have helped me in the past. So this time when I was having excruciating pain in my lower back, I did not hesitate to seek their help instead of seeing my doctor first. Billy evaluated my problem and mapped out an exercise program which suc... See More


Superior Rehabilitation is amazing!!!! My physical therapist Robyn is awesome and is very helpful in getting my pain under control and back to health!!! My experience here has been amazing and I recommend everyone to come here for all of your physical therapy needs!!!! ... See More

Superior Rehabilitation has great team of knowledgeable and professional staff. The environment is warm and friendly. I would recommend their services.

Kanitra Caston-Hill gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

Billy, Donna B and the entire staff of Superior Rehabilitation did an incredible job in bringing me back to life. (That’s not an exaggeration!) Billy’s astute knowledge of my physical symptoms (back pain, leg limp) was critical in helping me connect with the right neurologist. While I considered myself in “good shape” the staff at Superior Rehabilitation helped me regain balance, strength and muscle tone following weeks of bed rest for recovery. I can now walk (without limping), jog/run and perform an intense yoga session once again! These folks are passionate about helping you reach your goals. The team is oriented to working with you and closely monitor your form and execution as you proceed thru your routine and thanks to them I'm in better condition than I have been for years!

Jimmy Maxwell gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

In such a short period of time, Billy my P.T. has worked wonders...seriously wonders! I have been suffering with shoulder pain since February of this year, and in 3 short visits I have gained movement and remained pain free for days. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable with your assigned exercise routine and makes sure you do them correctly and without strain. I have also been treated here for low back pain with the same success. The area is clean and safe, and would recommend Superior Rehab to anyone wanting to feel better.

Karen Schmidt gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

Great experience...the therapy not the surgery! I had a total right hip replacement and required therapy after surgery. My wife had received therapy at Superior and was very satisfied with the results. As expected the knowledge and quality of care were there but what made Superior exceptional were the intangibles. When I walked in the first person I see is Jose who had been involved in previous therapy at another clinic and I knew I was in great hands. Next I had the pleasure to deal with Donna M. who made the business side seamless. I had zero problems with insurance, scheduling etc. to go along with a smiling happy attitude. My visits also included assistance and guidance from Brandon, who keeps the place lively and entertaining, and Jess and Kelsey who gave encouragement and made sure I did things correctly. I received some “dry needling” from Billy which aided my recovery. Last but certainly not least were my sessions with Donna B and Robin. The treatment plan and their expert care fit my expectations and allowed me to begin normal life including golf earlier than expected. But best of all was probably the “psychiatric care” (ha ha) I received from them. Again the “intangibles”. I was so pleased with my experience that I have joined the wellness program that is tailored to my wants and needs.

earl rossignol gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

Severe knee pain sent me to the doctor. He recommended therapy before any surgery in order to strengthen the leg muscles. This was the best recommendation he could make. I spent months in the Wellness program twice a week getting stronger and feeling better. The Total Knee replacement surgery went very smoothly and in two weeks I was back at Superior for 8 weeks of outpatient therapy. I am totally convinced that all the pre-hab is responsible for my easier recovery. Therapy is always necessary after this type of surgery, but I believe that I have been able to recovery quicker and go father with my therapy. The therapists at Superior are all great, treated my with respect and continue to encourage me. I will go back into the Wellness program so that I can continue to become stronger and have a more active life.

Pat Fitzpatrick gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review
Robert Chandler Recommends Superior Rehabilitation

Inviting, welcoming atmosphere. Physical therapists are thoughtful, caring, but professional people. I was fortunate to have Robyn and Donna as my therapists.

1 month ago
Russell Rader Recommends Superior Rehabilitation

always helpful professional people

4 months ago
Kurt T Bellow Jr. Recommends Superior Rehabilitation

Fantastic crew. When I injured my back, they were there to help. When my wife needed rehab during her pregnancy, again Superior was there. My grandfather was involved in a serious car accident and Superior has been helping him during his recovery. A++

5 months ago
Joey Kelley gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

They are always friendly and help you when you are not at your best. I look forward to seeing the staff. They make it fun to work hard. I would recommend them to anyone and feel confident they will get you the outcome you are looking for. Feel good about choosing them. I know that I did.

9 months ago
Jenny Kirsch Manale gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

My PT Story Physical therapy helped me in 2015 after knee surgery. Now, I had an Achilles tendon problem and then a back issue and therapy was suggested by both physicans. I immediately knew Superior Rehabilitation was where I was going. They got me in right away and I started seeing a therapist immediately. After only a few visits I started getting relief. I am happy to say now that my therapy is complete that I can report 100% relief in the tendon issue and 90% relief in the back issue. I am back to doing my everyday life. Donna on the reception and scheduling desk is wonderful….she bends over backwards to get me my appointments on my time schedule. Any problems with insurance are handled immediately by Donna also. The physical therapists mapped out my physical therapy routine and did my treatments, they helped me so much - I can’t begin to thank them enough. They really know what they are doing. Billy, Robin, Donna, thanks…. The physical therapy techs were there through my exercises to help if I needed it or to tell me if I was doing something incorrectly. I have really learned to count of all of them Kelsey, Brandon and Jose. Aside from the degree of expertise by the physical therapists, the atmosphere in Superior is one of the things that will bring me back every time. It is light and friendly but professional. I usually work out with a smile on my face. I have been other places where it was not at all the same. I have joined Superior’s Wellness and Fitness program, the exercises they have prescribed for me keep me moving in ways that I would not get in my everyday life. In fact, part of my routine is dedicated to my upper body strength and after being in this program a few months I can really feel the difference in the things I can comfortably do. I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Superior and tell all of my friends about my them. Everyone who knows me knows who Superior is in my life. Thanks to all of you at Superior for making my therapy/exercise program an enjoyable one.

1 year ago
Catherine Lanier Barbato gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

Billy and his staff were great. All very knowledgeable and enjoy their work. They will work around your schedule and are very accommodating. I’m no longer in pain and back to my normal routine! Definitely recommend Superior Rehabilitation.

1 year ago
William Meier gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

Great people helped me with my shoulder pain. Had great relief.

1 year ago
Sammy Sammy gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

These gals and guys rock. They ARE FAMILY... I really appreciate what they have helped me with. I will continue to visit even when my rehabilitation is over. ONE LOVE

1 year ago
Anthony Rhoda gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

Wonderful staff, caring yet fun. Not just a rubber band room,

1 year ago
Michelle Jacob gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review
2 years ago
Rhonda Ehmer gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review
2 years ago
Kathryn Ernst gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

If you or anyone you know is in need of physical therapy, Superior Rehabilitation is definitely the place to go!

3 years ago
Kendrick Jefferson gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review
3 years ago
Deana Sami Mosrie gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review
4 years ago
Debbie Ferrara gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

Superior is a fun atmosphere....they make you feel like you are family.....this is my second time with in a year....they are great.....i wouldn't go anywhere else...they make Halloween fun....last year they dressed up as, duck dynasty was a blast....even though it's a fun atmosphere the days when you are hurting they work with you....if u can't do something or having trouble...they are really awesome people....also I got a new procedure called dry needle trigger point. It didn't hurt n they were very patient with me and I had good results.....

4 years ago
Ursula D. Gaines gave Superior Rehabilitation a 4 star review

I Love Lori!!!

4 years ago
Jason Barth gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

Excellent staff!!! These people are professional, friendly, and accommodating with busy "on the go" schedules. I would highly recommend Superior Rehab to anyone, especially if it is your first PT experience. You will be thoroughly impressed, and your expectations will be exceeded.

4 years ago
Pete Hebert gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

Amazing, in just 24 visits my left shoulder is almost 100 per-cent. Guess it's time I tell them it was my right shoulder that was hurt !! All kidding aside, great facility with great PT's and Assistants. All Staff members are dedicated to improving your specific area of concern in a manner that is both helpful and "almost" enjoyable. Except for the stretching!!

5 years ago
Margaret Connolly Delery gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

Great people, great rehab!...highly recommend!

5 years ago
Richard Fields Sr. gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review
5 years ago

Morning folks.. So, first of all, let me tell you that my expectations of a Physical Therapist , are extremely high. Back when I lived in Boston, I worked... more

James B. gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

Billy and his staff were awesome! When I first started going I could not move my arm due to a fractured radial head. Within the first week of going I was... more

Craig d. gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

Billy and his staff were great. All very knowledgeable and enjoy their work. They will work around your schedule and are very accommodating. I'm no longer... more

Catherine L. gave Superior Rehabilitation a 5 star review

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