SunValley Kids Academy and Montessori Daycare

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#2210 2 Str SW
Unit G-100
Calgary, AB T2S 3C3
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gave SunValley Kids Academy and Montessori Daycare 5 stars


Our son has been going to Sun Valley since September 2018, at first we were happy to know our son was going to a Montessori Daycare and would be learning at daycare, but we were noticing a change in our sons behavior he was acting out more at home hitting and pinching, when I would ask Marisol the previous director how our son was doing I would be told he is doing good no issues. So my husband and I thought our son was acting out because it was his age or just being with so many more children, then when Marisol stopped working at Sun Valley and Mimi took over I was getting more and more information told to me from Mimi regarding my sons days at school, then we found out one of the day care workers was fired for hurting and yelling at children and one of those Children was our son, My husband and I were very angry that this had happened to our son, but we are very grateful to Mimi for identifying there was a problem and solving that problem and being so open with both myself and my husband about what had happened to our son. Since Mimi has taken over at Sun Valley we have noticed a change in our son for the better he is happy and excited to go to "school" every day and he is happy when we pick him up and sometimes he even wants to stay and play more now. Mimi has had us parents in for and Information Meet and greet, it was nice to meet some of the other parents of children that spend all day with our son, The new renovations in the day care look wonderful and it gives the kids lots of space to play, I love the Hi Mama app that shows me pictures and updates of what my son is doing during the day, The openness and care that Mimi is providing to our son is wonderful, I hope she will be a part of our sons life in day care for many years!

-- Sabrina F

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