Success Coach Academy

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8022 S. Rainbow Blvd #391
Las Vegas, NV 89139
United States

Success Coach Academy got a great recommendation by Cindy

Cindy V gave Success Coach Academy a 5 star Rating

I loved the training we got this week. It pushed me definitely to the next level. Addressing so many different areas in life all in just 5 days! Spectacular growth achieved by the end of this session.


Working with AJ Puedan has changed my life. His knowledge, patience and guidance has truly helped me find my passion, change my direction and build my business. His mentoring, honesty and ability to read and teach people is amazing. AJ leads from the front and has your back. He puts himself out ther... See More


Kristine had a great experience with Success Coach Academy

Kristine J gave Success Coach Academy a 5 star Rating

AJ is awesome. He transforms lives.


I have coached with AJ for about one year. I have taken his courses and certifications in hypnosis and Coach Certification. The courses were very valuable with a lot of value content and practice sessions to allow the information to sink in. You leave with a lot of binders and notes to use for the f... See More


AJ Puaden is a MASTER in everything he teaches. Not only he know the subject matter, not only he knows how to teach the subject matter, but he has such a big heart that makes him one of the best teachers I've had (and I had quite a few).
AJ Puaden is genuine in his effort to help his students becom... See More


Business Hypnosis Certification course was an amazing course! I learned so much about the "hidden" technology behind the subconscious and how to re-program success and real change through self hypnosis. Very exciting stuff. Can't wait to implement in my business and my personal life.


I cannot speak highly ENOUGH of AJ Puedan and the curriculum he creates & teaches at the Success Coach Academy. The level of professionalism, advanced techniques and concepts taught, & accelerated immersion-style of learning formats are truly an unmatched value!!

AJ Puedan promises much and deli... See More


I have had an awesome experience working with Success Coach Academy. The training and coaching I received helped me move my business forward. AJ cares about his students and wants them all to succeed. He promises a lot and gives even more. I definitely recommend this Academy for anyone who wants ... See More

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