Studio TimeOut

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Studio TimeOut is a great place. I've recommended several people to the studio. It's welcoming and warm, there is no stinky gym smell and the classes are taught by instructors who believe in professionalism. They help with questions and modifications and injuries. I've also tried Pilates which is fun too. I've seen great results in my fitness and it's the first time I've actually stayed committed to attending a gym. I think classes are much more personal than machines at a gym. There are a variety of classes that fit all levels of fitness and the instructors make sure your form is correct. It's a fun place.

Jayne Carter gave Studio TimeOut a 5 star review

I am still very new to Studio TimeOut but so far finding this studio and this group of people has been like a breath of fresh air. Everyone is so attentive and welcoming and make exercise, nutrition and overall taking care of yourself accessible and fun. I have been to a few fitness centers where I felt like I was just viewed as a walking dollar bill. At Studio TimeOut they offered me an affordable and accessible way to get to know the studio, the classes and the instructors without immediately jumping on me to get my money. All the instructors took the time to get to know me and took a genuine interest in me. I have a knee injury and everyone has been so accommodating to make sure I get the most out of my experience. When I first started going to Studio TimeOut I was very nervous and intimidated. I am very much out of shape and I find big crowds of people intimidating. But everyone was very understanding and made me feel at ease. This is not your usual fitness center where everyone is super fit and pretentious. Everyone cares about you and your experience and value you for who you are and what you want out of your experience. I find it to be an empowering and motivating space where I can be myself and really invest in myself without being judged or compared to others. I am so happy to have found Studio TimeOut as I have already started going regularly to fitness classes and can already tell that I am stronger and have much more energy. Considering the wide variety of classes and how great everyone that works there is, the cost is definitely worth it!

Kara Milburn gave Studio TimeOut a 5 star review

Returning to the studio after a lengthy, unavoidable absence was a gigantic hurdle! I had lost so much of my strength and flexibility over the course of time. I actually contemplated totally giving up! Emotionally, I was distressed. But also, my body was letting me know, loud and clear, that I needed to return to my past routine. So, I came back! Now after just a month of classes I already feel so much better. I've had to be mindful of some limitations (knee pain) so absolutely appreciate instructors always providing modifications. My four sons have told me they are glad I'm taking care of myself again. . .they don't want me to neglect myself. . .even though I'm taking care of elderly family members. They count on me to be spry and active for many years to come! I don't want to let them down! Studio Time Out staff have welcomed me back with kind words of encouragement. . .and are pushing me to do my best. . .it's exactly what I needed!

Madison Montgomery gave Studio TimeOut a 5 star review

This studio is amazing. I am 66 years old and I felt comfortable after 1 visit. There are no pretense for having the right clothing or being the right size. Instructors are very knowledgeable. They are aware of everyone in the class and give tips if you need them. I have done a whole variety of classes and now am starting pilates.

Kathleen Connolly gave Studio TimeOut a 5 star review

Every time I come into the studio, I am immediately put into a better mood. The greeting I receive by name from the staff along with the bright and cheery atmosphere transform any negativity I may have had before entering the studio. I am encouraged to do my best in each class and at the same time am given modifications for any exercise that doesn't work for me. I never feel like I come in and out unnoticed and for me, that keeps me coming back!

Melanie Kelly gave Studio TimeOut a 5 star review
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