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I am new to Studio Time Out (trying the 12 days/$12 beginners special deal). From the first time I went there to check it out, everyone has been so nice and welcoming and encouraging. Mimi was the first person I met. Her friendly and positive nature is contagious! I've been trying all of the different classes (today is day 8), and so far, I can honestly say, I am truly enjoying this experience! The instructors are really nice and again, welcoming and encouraging. I feel like they really want the participants to have a great experience.

Rene Terhune gave Studio TimeOut a 5 star review

Studio Time Out has changed my life! I joined in need of motivation to workout regularly, to motivate my hubby to exercise, as well as to shed a few pounds I had gained. The teachers are so well-trained and full of life, they have inspired me to push myself beyond where I thought I could be. Every class keeps me moving toward a healthy goal. I have attended a few private group classes such as Ark Barrel, and I love the focused attention on specific muscle groups - again, a very well taught class! The support of the staff and fellow studio members is fantastic. There's so much positive energy all around the room, I always feel welcomed, inspired, and happy to be a part of this studio.

Stella Blackmon gave Studio TimeOut a 5 star review

This is the first gym I have belonged to that I have consistently attended. I think it's 2 1/2 years for me now. I really like the classes and all of the instructors holding them. They are all very good at motivating Us all to get into correct positions and to keep going. They each have a way of making the classes fun. I take bars, body shaping, bars shaping and body pump. Last January we were planning a trip and I needed to buy a swimming suit. I had about an hour to shop one day and ran to Macy's To try on swimming suits. I tried on three and bought one. That evening I told my husband that that was the first time I have ever gone to try on swimming suits and didn't come home feeling bad! So I guess all of this working out is paying off! As for the cost I sign up for the year. I come almost every day and really feel that Its a great value.

Ashlee Burgess gave Studio TimeOut a 5 star review

I am absolutely thrilled to be back at Studio Timeout. I have been a member on and off for years and every time I come back, I am reminded of why I love it so much! Each class is unique and adds variety into my workout which is what I really look for. I have already lost weight and inches in the first four weeks and am looking forward to the next four. It has been the highlight to my spring so far. Knowing that this ends shortly, I have been considering the year long membership, but with the monthly cost over a hundred dollars, I am not sure it is in my budget. Spending time working out isn't always fun, but it always seems to be alongside the other wonderful participants at Timeout. Knowing how great of a facility it is, I was able to get four friends to sign up for the spring challenge as well.

Erika Jack gave Studio TimeOut a 5 star review

My friends and family have noticed I'm in a better mood and have more energy. I have been getting a better sleep and always looking forward to going to classes. I enjoy being able to try out different type of classes and have been able to find a few that I really enjoy which makes me even more motivated to go. Everyone has been very nice and welcoming which makes it easier especially if you are new/haven't worked out in awhile

Christian Lozoya gave Studio TimeOut a 5 star review

My husband and I joined Studio Timeout about a year ago, and we cannot begin to express our love for this studio!! The studio itself is bright, cheerful,... more

Janan J. gave Studio TimeOut a 5 star review

I can't believe I didn't try Studio TimeOut earlier. Just a few blocks from my house makes it an easy place to visit. But the super welcoming vibe, the... more

Kaia K. gave Studio TimeOut a 5 star review

This studio changed my outlook on working out. I was at the Y for a few years before Studio Time Out and I never felt an impact on my fitness nor did it... more

Molly S. gave Studio TimeOut a 5 star review
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