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This course is amazing! Bruce is thorough with everything he does you guys need to get this course today. He could be charging way more with the amount of value, so get in before he decides to do just that!


I absolutely love this course. Very straight forward and informative. Bruce does a great job of breaking everything down. The resources are amazing. Can’t wait to launch


Amazing Course!! I cant wait to start helping more people with these services!!!


This course was worth the investment. The detailed information was more than I expected and I am thankful I initiated the process.


Using the information and techniques I learned from this system I was able to help many of my clients address one of their largest credit challenges STUDENT LOANS!! My most recent client I was able to assist in a total student loan debt discharge. $198,000 Debt was cancelled!!! They have been paying... See More


This course was AMAZING. This is probably the first time I've walked out of a course with confidence that I can start doing this on my own immediately. This is well worth it even if you only plan to help yourself and close family and friends.


Bruce, When I first heard your story on the Millionaire's Club, I was interested because you were the only individual who mentioned Student Loan Consolidation. The need for Student Loan Consolidation and education is a great asset to add to or operate alongside Credit Repair. Your course is an exc... See More


This is a excellent course! This course explained every possible process needed to add this service to my business. Thank you!!


This course was very informative on how to consolidate student loans. Bruce did an outstanding job providing all the information you would need to add this service to your business!


Excellent information, this will really help us advise our clients who may be struggling with options on their student loans. Thanks for a great program!


I think the course was great. It was very informational and straight to the point and Bruce did a great job of reiterating so that if you didn't understand something, he'd explain it another way. I just wish there was more information on the payment portion, like what billing services to use.


This course was to the point and very informational. I have taken other courses where the instructor talked unnecessary and I hated it. I don't have time to just sit around so I am so glad this was straight to the point. I am so excited to add this to my business


Course is full of information I will definitely be adding this to my business. Thank you


I've never had student loans so I couldn't understand what my clients were going through and always needed an additional person to assist in this process. This course has empowered me to now help my clients navigate the student loan process and I'm very grateful! Very informative!


Great information that can certainly benefit your business.


Excellent course! Very informative, thorough, and straight to the point. I would definitely recommend it! Thanks Bruce!


This is awesome!!! Looking forward to helping so many individuals!!! Thank you Bruce!


Definitely enjoyed this training and now I feel ready to provide another detailed service to help my clients.


This was absolutely a great course to take. It answered every question I can possibly have. It's great for someone who learns visually, hands-on or likes to take the time and read. Overall a great experience.


I really enjoyed this course. Very simple and short.


This course was very informative and makes me excited to get started.


Very helpful information. I was able to refresh my memory on a lot of this.


This course was very detailed!


Hello! This training was AMAZING!!!! He walked you through the process step-by-step. He made the material and process very easy to understand. I would recommend this training to anyone! Excellent Job! My money was well spent!

Thank you so much!
Lynn Howard


I loved the academy. Bruce explained everything well and in laymans terms. He broke each section down so that you can understand it. Even after completely the course the one on one call was great and I love the fact if you have any questions or concern you can email support and they will get back wi... See More


OMG. I really enjoyed this class a lot. I am one of those people who have student loans and I was able to receive some valuable information. Even though I knew about the majority of this services, I was still able to learn something new that will help me with my student loans. Thank You for this cla... See More


Awesome course. I just finished it and took lots of notes. It was presented very well and the fact that you can return to it as often as needed and there are items available to reiterate everything is great. I am looking forward to adding these service to our business.


Job well done! I love not only the videos but how you took it a step further and made a manual out of it!


Great course. Very informative and provides invaluable information. The course information is presently very nicely by Bruce.


Thank you for this course! very informative. I am looking forward to implementing this service along with my credit repair clients. I was originally sending them on their own to look into this. Now knowing I can assist them is very encouraging.

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