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It has been one week since my 6 month-old Stainmaster carpet was given a Level 3 cleaning and I couldn't be happier with the work that Steamway did in all 4 rooms. One of my elderly cats developed cystitis and urinated outside of the litter box. The other cat decided to pee on the carpet too. Steamway pulled up the carpet over areas where the urine soaked down to the waterproof padding to thoroughly clean those areas. Tack strips & subfloors were sealed & carpeting was reattached. All surface stains were cleaned without leaving a trace. The carpet smells like a new carpet and no long lasting fragrances, good or bad, remain. I did have to rent some heavy duty fans for 48 hours to complete drying the carpet. While Steamway was there, I had them clean upholstery on my 10 yr old living room furniture, too. So nice to have everything fresh & clean. These guys know carpeting! I recommend the methods they used for my specific issue. Those cutrate, dry extraction carpet cleaning methods would never have given the results that Steamway achieved. I'll be hiring them to do my annual carpeting cleaning, which IS required to maintain my Stainmaster Pet Proof carpet warranty! See you next year, Steamway, under less dire circumstances.

-- Teresa Y

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