Spiritude LLC

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Average: 5 out of 5 Stars


What a treasured precious place for healing! To have found Spiritude and Audrey was to have found an angel! I approached Audrey for pains & discomfort in the heart area - effects from a broken relationship. The Ayurvedic treatment of Hrid Basti to soothe emotions and strengthen the heart caught my e... See More


I just got done with my massage from Audrey at Spiritude and I feel like a million bucks! I can't believe what a difference her massages make for body. I am especially tight due to long standing chronic physical limitations but with regular massage from Audrey, my body is starting to finally release... See More


My daughter has issues with her shoulders including random partial dislocation and terrible knots. We have been taking her Spiritude with wonderful success! In the short time we have started, we are seeing amazing improvement. I myself have started going as well. Whether you have issues or you j... See More


I have experienced an assortment of Spiritude’s services including the Tibetan head massage, enlightenment facial, and lymphatic drainage massage. After every treatment, I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated! Audrey’s regular lymphatic drainage massages, helps keep my immune system at its best... See More


This is absolutely the most amazing and healing massage therapy I have ever experienced. Not only is Audrey the very best at what she does she takes the extra time to work on areas that are in need of extra therapy. I would highly recommend Audrey for any of her services. Anyone who would like to be... See More


This was my first experience wth Tibtan massage and I found it deeply healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Audrey's vey well trained and incredibly intuitive in her approach. She is gentle and yet her technique provided me with many opprtunities for deep release. After just one se... See More

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