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Hi! I'm Michelle and I wanna say first, I love Spirit Science. It gave me this instant good energy by just watching the Youtube video's. I saw for a couple of weeks everyday 1-2 or even more video's of Spirit Science and it blowed my mind... Then a week and a half ago I came across a video and it had this link to the 7-day transformation.. The thing is I do have a lot of money.. But it's just not yet on my bank account, It's on my way from the universe... So I just decided that I have all the money that I need and more to live wealthy and in abundance and I bought the course.. I did not even hesitated. It felt right and it still does. When the course started I was really happy.. Everything makes so much sense.. Throughout the week (well I did it in a week and half, because I like to take all the information in and I like to take that slow) I felt so much more energetic, positive and changed... I can't really describe the feeling but it brought me closer, well.. To me and so to everyone and everything. I can talk about my transformation and all this wonderful information with my mom and some of my best friends, what is amazing! I'm really blessed with such a understanding community around me.. And I love to grow this community! That's why I'm typing all this, because I know Spirit Mysteries is the perfect place to expand this beautiful community. I just wanna say one more thing.. Thanks so much for the amazing, wonderful information you guys giving the world, to make the world great again! Sending so much love to you guys, and hopefully we meet in Spirit Mysteries. <3

-- michelle L

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