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Spirit Mysteries... All of you are doing an amazingly beautiful work! So proud of you all for doing what you are doing! Thank you for all the beautiful videos and guides you all have made! Very thankful for the 7 day guide, tho it took me 15 days haha! See you all on the other side and probably in r... See More


Spirit Mysteries went beyond what I though I was expecting. I am truly happy to find this knowledge FINALLY. I really want to be part of this beautiful family and community. Thank you for reading this and I really hope that you JUMP now don´t hesitate, it doesn´t matter if you don´t have "the mo... See More


I liked Spirit Mysteries because it was in depth. It was my first time to encounter Chakras going from Top to the Bottom, instead of the usual Bottom Up. I also liked the meditation and even after I have finished My 7 Day Transformation, I still use it and it makes me feel a sense of bliss. Thank y... See More


I knew to expect the unexpected when I first clicked on the link to enroll in the intro spirit mysteries course. The content that Spirit Mysteries delivered, however, was beyond my wildest dreams. It taught me to think about my place in the universe, my own humanness, and how to ground into the expe... See More

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