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Dr. Milad Meamarian is a truly generous, knowledgeable and gifted healer. I really struggle to find people of this caliber and I usually just treat myself to get what I need. But due to the amount of pain and the intensity in which it began to sink deeper in to my body, I had to do something. I've been injured multiple times, due to the different sports I love to do, but being this injured was totally new to me. This was beyond my initial injury, this was spreading to all my joints and the rest of my body. For the first time I was realizing what my patients were talking about when they really couldn't function to go to work or improve at all. I am so grateful to know I have a reliable, exceptional healer as easy as over the phone. I told him where my pain or dysfunction was, and he seemed to intuitively know the layers from which it began. His medicine resonated with me instantly and if I did have questions he was patient and happy to answer and explain. After the first session I already felt elevated, without 80% plus pain. I was amazed and didn't want to question or think about it. I'm sure I did a little. But it didn't matter, it has stuck, and the little bit that stayed, he continued to clear and assist my body in healing itself. I'm amazed how his sessions actually became stronger every time he worked on me. After the last 3 sessions, not only am I regaining my strength, I feel I have a new hope and vitality and inspiration in life. During these very different times, I'm able to focus, stay happier, lighter, and even. Thank you Dr. Milad I wish you the best.- Dr. Laura Michele, DAOM

-- Laura M

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