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The other day I was afforded the amazing privilege of discovering Candles By Me. I have tried countless brands throughout the years, some better than others obviously, but this candle in particular really stood out.

First thing I noticed was the presentation of the candle. It was packaged beautifully. Considering the fact that I was buying the candle as a gift for my girlfriend, the packaging saved me an extra step and a few extra bucks. I couldn't have improved on it anyways. It was flawless.

Second thing to pop out was the appearance of the candle itself. The colors were impressively vibrant. It had a visual appearance of being a somewhat textured wax, but when I felt it, it was as smooth as butter. It was probably the most aesthetically pleasing candle I have ever purchased.

All that is well and good, however one of my favorite old song lyrics says, "Pretty packaging don't really mean a thing. It's what's inside that matters most of all, you know". I am a believer in that idea, so as gorgeous as the candle was, I still had to burn it before I could judge it. Let me just say that it smelled even better than it looked. The scent engulfed the air in my house within minutes and transformed my home into the most pleasantly aromatic environment I have ever experienced indoors. It burns cleanly and evenly all the way down the wood wick and never produces any black smoke.

Another thing I loved about it was that the label had a Bible verse printed on it which is an instant conversation starter when entertaining guests who may not know the word, and wouldn't otherwise ask about Scripture, but while admiring the beauty and fragrance of my coffee table centerpiece, just so happen to see the verse and ask what it's about. That's the most valuable conversation starter anyone could ever get for a meager $15 investment.

Oh did I just let the cat out of the bag? Yeah, you read that correctly. These candles are about ten times better while still being two to four times cheaper than the most comparable options on the market. I can guarantee you that I am a customer for life and if you try just one, you will be too.

-- Michael S

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