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Very enjoyable courses full of great and informative materials.

Gwyn Haney

I took their courses with my brother as we’ve decided to launch our own blog together. We benefitted from their course on WordPress design the most!

Leah Hanson

You know a course is good when it’s still challenging yet well designed for easy comprehension. I recommend the site helpers for anything web dev related.

Layla Aurora

I am happy with what I was able to learn from them. I really recommend starting with the ultimate guideline in creating a website course!

Jasmine Elliott

I took every single course from their offer, and I would not hesitate to recommend them. I learned more from them than my in-person lecturer.

Rylie Adams

Taking their courses really allowed me to get a more profound understanding of WordPress.

Michael S. Andrews

I took their courses with no intentions of ever building a website on my own - I just wanted to learn something new for my own enjoyment. But while learning I realized how much fun it is to actually create and design your own blog and how easy it can be with the right guidance. Now, I have my own site and use it daily!

Kayden Rios

A friend recommended The Site Helpers’ courses to me… I found them to be very well-designed and informative!

Leo Rees

I’ve truly learned a lot in their course! For beginners – their courses are the best ones!

Jodi Compton

Good prices and great value!

Jordan Smith

I learned a great deal about web dev and design. It was awesome and I really appreciate it!! Thanks!

Robert Will

Make sure to create a WordPress account and get a domain to really benefit from their courses. I was able to try and implement everything I learnt straight away by doing so and I think it made learning so much easier and more understandable. Afterall, web development is all about practical experience and not just theory.

Daniel Matthews

I now have a nice website which is earning me some money

Michelle D Osborn

Loved it! I learned something new. My knowledge of web stuff was getting outdated and this was a nice refresher for me. Thank you!

Gloria Glover

I liked the flexibility of their courses. There were no enrollment periods like there are at universities. And the quality of the materials was great too.

Kamden Hill

The Site Helpers offer fantastic courses for beginners. They have put great effort to make sure even people like me with no prior experience understood. I am planning to keep learning, but I will always remember my beginnings with The site helpers.

Adrianna Osborn

A beginner would surely benefit from their courses!

Adam Mills

I wanted to create a good-looking website in a short amount of time and the site helpers helped me do just that. I didn’t learn professional web development skills, but they guided me on all WordPress related fundamentals and essentials. I enjoyed every single moment of learning with them. Anyone can take this!

Benjamin D Burke

This is a very good course. Short, simple buy extremely helpful. I did it with my coworkers and we had a lot of fun completing the materials.

Gargie Nox

The Site Helpers have been invaluable for my small business. I saved so much money on learning how to design and maintain my site on my own without hiring expensive web development services. Thank you!!!

Cataleya Larson

I got very invested in online courses recently and The Site Helpers’ ones were the best so far!

Raymond W. Luna

At first, I thought I would have to outsource web designers for my start up, but one day I decided to look into web development myself. It turned out to be much easier with WordPress than I expected! Still, I wanted my site to look as professional as possible, so I enrolled in The Site Helpers’ courses and took my skills to the next level. I ended up taking their course on hosting too. Thanks to the site helpers I am much more knowledgeable and confident. Thanks!!

Jeffrey A. Myrick

Awesome content and very beneficial if you’re dedicated and determined to learn.

Donna J. Cavalier

I had a great experience following their courses.

Ivana Robbins

At first, I was a bit overwhelmed. I thought the course would be great for beginners, but I guess I am a complete starter when it comes to web development. It took me a while to get through the course, but it did teach me a lot.

Adah Bakara

I had some problems with accessing the course at the beginning but their customer support was able to solve the issue for me really quickly. Time to learn!

Aaron C. Cain

If you’re anything like me and feel rather discouraged to begin because you’re scared of failing, then I highly recommend The Site Helpers! Their courses were very convenient and even the highly technical stuff was well explained and easy to understand. Just take it step by step and you’ll notice progress in no time!

Braelyn Medina

I had no idea I would be able to learn how to build and customize websites! I always considered myself an absolute computer dummy, but The Site Helpers showed me that with a little help and motivation, anything is possible.

Mark Lious

Don’t hesitate on their courses! They are great and reasonably priced.

Julianne R. Bernard

I finally completed their courses and I am so happy! I recommend them to anyone interested in web development.

Timothy H. Wofford

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