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Corey Stukey

Simply Maid makes my heart happy every time they clean my house! Anita cleaned today and she crossed all the “T”’s and dotted all the “I”’s! She completed my “to do” list and she thoroughly did a great job! I’ve not had my house cleaned due to a couple of crazy months, and she did a bang up job! I think it’s important to do my work ahead of time, washing rugs, picking up cluttered areas, simply preparing my house to be cleaned and everything sparkling! I am a better in between housekeeper thanks to Simply Maid!

Jeana Harmon

Jeana Harmon

They are a fabulous cleaning company in the Bartlesville, OK area. Give them a call if you want or need your house cleaned.

Janet Manard

It's difficult to choose someone to help with cleaning your home. I would recommend Simply Maid OK to anyone! Love the service, love my house, they were courteous, professional and so hard working. I appreciate the diligence and I appreciate the improvement in my stress level! Love the job they did!

Tammy Mohaupt

Kellsy was our cleaning person on our latest session. She was very prompt by arriving at the scheduled time. She was very professional with the cleaning procedures. She did a very thorough job in the areas scheduled for cleaning. We would welcome her service on our next scheduled appointment.

Robert Zoeller

Excellent service goes beyond clean

Don Simpson
Trisha Myers

Picking up the w2

Brian Curtis
Corey Stukey
Dan Ragan

I work there, and I love it, and the great people I work with!!

Dedonna Mcmillan

Would highly recommend this company. Love these amazing people!


Billie Strongly Recommends Simply Maid OK

Billie A

Best cleaning company!! Awesome people!

Brenda Goff

Sam Strongly Recommends Simply Maid OK

Sam S

Louie had a great experience with Simply Maid OK

Louie S

I requested a deep clean for almost my entire house. From the time I called they made me feel at ease by answering all of my questions and explaining their services in detail. They came to clean today and did an absolutely amazing job and I would highly recommend this team. We will be calling tomorrow to start on a monthly schedule.

Cristina Sien Rademaker

From the moment they came through my door they put me at ease. Simply Maid hires some of the most professional and personable people in the industry and I am thankful to be a client. She was very friendly to my dog and cat as well, which made me feel very good about leaving them alone the next time they clean. You have a choice in who cleans your home, and that choice should be Simply Maid.

Jeremy Peeples

Simply Maid OK got a great recommendation by Jeremy

Jeremy P

It was amazing thank you for all you do to help keep me on track with my cleaning needs.


The girls that came out were super nice and I believe they worked hard! What I am not happy with is the being told a price only to realize its doubled by the amount of workers she sends out. The job was left with a white film over it and they did try to get to the bottom of it but wanted to charge me again to come back out. I believe they would do great in a house setting but businesses with concrete floors I am not impressed with.

edit: They called me and discussed how to make it better. They came back out and fixed it. I really appreciated it. I would recommend them to anyone!

Bayli Davis

They were impeccable. From their professional demeanor to their level of cleaning. I will be using them on a regular basis from now until I choose to leave the area.

Jeremy Peeples

Andrea is very excited to recommend Simply Maid OK

Andrea B

The ladies are on time, do great work and care about your house.

Frank Vermeire

Denise Highly Recommends Simply Maid OK to their friends & family!

Denise T

Frank is very excited to recommend Simply Maid OK

Frank V

Gretchen is very excited to recommend Simply Maid OK

Gretchen W

I have used Simply Maid for almost a year now and have been very happy with their cleaning service. They work very hard to make your home spotless, they are always friendly and on time, and what they charge is reasonable. They sure help me have more time to do things I want to do!

Sandy Alexander O'Neal

My wife loves a clean home and with her working is hard. That's why I hired a good maid service to make her life easier. Got me lots of husband points and... more

David H. gave Simply Maid a 5 star review

Simply put they never disappoint. Always professional, kind, on time and they do a great job. I recommend them to my family and friends all the time! Kelcee... more

Kari H. gave Simply Maid a 5 star review

All of the people who have cared for our home have been kind, and the fact that it's one less thing on my punch list is gold! Kelcee cleaned our home for... more

Amanda E. gave Simply Maid a 5 star review

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