Sheri Kaplan

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318 SW 2nd Ave
Dania Beach, Florida 33004
United States

gave Sheri Kaplan 5 stars


I would like to thank Sheri the power of her healings and the modalities with which she has led me to discovering some of my strengths.
Sheri is a truly empathetic soul who brings the power out of those with whom she works. She is very in touch with Spirit, and accurately intuits the needs of her clients.
Sheri has helped me to better connect with the God in me. During my first session with Sheri over a year ago, she detected that my crown chakra, my lifeline to the Divine, was my only chakra presently activated. Though I wished to immediately have all chakras active, I found her reading nonetheless to be encouraging, and, in being more aware of my oneness with the Universe, I became gradually more in contact with my Angels and Spirit Guides, which I have now begun to see on a more regular basis during both waking life and my dreams. I know in my heart that Sheri has greatly assisted me in bringing these improvements to fruition. As such, it's no surprise that during our second session, she quickly noted that my third eye, as well as my crown chakra, were open. I am confident that, in continuing this energy work with Sheri, I will progressively open other chakras.
On a final note, I am amazed by the detail with which Sheri documents her client's challenges and needs, as she still had a sheet of my previous visit last year. I recommend this divine reiki healer to any spiritual seeker dedicated to awakening in the most loving way.

-- James S

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