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I was very hesitant before I met Sheri. After all I have never met her before plus I haven't had any experinces with healing works of this nature. When I came to see her I was aching everywhere, my body and my soul. I felt stuck. I approached her for a free chakra reading and I was thinking "how in the worls is she going to know if my chakras are open or closed over the phone", but she obvioulst knew was she was doing. After our first session I felt the very first symptoms of recovery, I left her studio flowing like the wind, then I crashed, I was very tired and eliminating toxins in different ways, I was feeling even more exhausted than before, which she warned me that could happen, I was healing. Our second session was out of this world, literally. I don't share this experience with everybody because it sounds crazy, but I realize that I get to share the good so everyone can enjoy it. I did a little meditation before our session and I prayed to my spiritual guides to be present and to support me. We then started and I was in my head, I couldnt let go, and then Sheri was called to do something outside of her routine and I started to feel a powerful sensation, so I let myself go and I surrendered. For the next 40 minutes I was under the hands of spiritual workers and healing energies that not only healed the pain in my hands, but also removed something I had stuck in my throat and in my hips, and ever since then I feel like a little girl playing out in the world. I feel so connected to the planet and to myself, to those I love, I have clarity now, and I see clearly that my circumstances do not define me, and that I get to live the life that I want. I am so grateful for Shari and I wish everyone was able to receive her gifts. She is a gift!

-- Carolina S

Sheri Kaplan Replied

So grateful for the transformation, You did the work, I am just the Channel!

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