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Kim Morgan Recommends Shay Wheat International Events & Retreats

I attended a two-day event produced by Shay, and it was fabulous! Her client raved about her, and from a participant perspective, it was enjoyable and seamless.

6 months ago
Dani Kenney gave Shay Wheat International Events & Retreats a 5 star review

As a Business Coach, Speaker and Realtor it’s important for me to attend seminars and events to help me provide incredible service for my clients, to help me stay knowledgeable and at the top of game. I have been to several events led by Shay Wheat International and they are by far, the BEST events. The energy is incredible, the events are always organized and flow smoothly. As an attendee, I can feel how much time, thought and attention goes into making sure that everyone has a wonderful experience. This is so refreshing compared to other events that I’ve attended. Shay Wheat International is the best!

11 months ago
Cindy Dabbous gave Shay Wheat International Events & Retreats a 5 star review

Anytime we're filming an event and we know that Shay Wheat's team is producing it, we know it's going to be a seamless experience for us, for her clients, and for their audiences. She literally has EVERY detail dialed in, yet her team is so gracious, calm, cool and collected. Her clients can relax because they can trust her to think of EVERYTHING, and keep everything on track - things they wouldn't even think of.. Just one example - I'll never forget, I broke a nail while working one event - she had back up nail glue! I mean she literally thinks of everything. When Shay is in the back of the room, you can relax because you know it's all being handled with ease and grace. I HIGHLY recommend Shay and her services. I haven't met anyone who has it more locked down in the events department. She is the best at what she does, and you will not regret hiring her.

1 year ago

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