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I loved this challenge because, for me, it was a classic case of “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” The techniques and tools I learned by doing this, has completely change my life for the better. Generally speaking, I’m happier almost all day, every day, just by becoming mor... See More


I love the 7 Secrets challenge, Because it’s so motivating. Uplifting. Like a renewed hope. Jeff the author of the book is really genuine person! Very caring an makes sure you understand everything. All the supporters are wonderful helpful to the T..
I already feel myself moving forward an love my... See More


Much of 7 Secrets I recognized, from various times of my life yet never understood all the nuances or more importantly the sequential order of placing one thing before another to accomplish my dreams. So they felt elusive until being a part of Jeff's 7 Secret Challenge. What a fun way to open my rusty old eyes to great possibilities. Thank you Jeff and Stephanie.

Jim Motheral

7 Secrets reopened my eyes and beliefs of what we all hold within our sub-consciousness is much more powerful than our everyday consciousness.
Using our innate creativity WE DO have the ability to manifest what we truly desire and dare to dream about everyday... whether it's the small subtle things ... See More


For nearly 3 decades I have been researching and practicing Universal principles. I have come across only a very few books that captured my attention to the point of immersion. "The Sultan's Seven Secrets" by Jeff Buehner is one of them.

I also picked up the companion audiobook after joining the Sultan's 7 Secrets Challenge here on Facebook, and moved on to the Spell Breaker Workshop to continue the journey. Every facet of the program has proved more fascinating and intriguing as we progress.

Over... Read More

Penne Davidson Ard

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Penne A

I didn't know what to expect, the cost was so low it raised my curiosity. After the Challenge, I registered for the workshop This was the BEST investment I have made in being TAUGHT how FAITH and our MIND works. I DO what Jeff teaches and I receive expected and unexpected manifestations.❤️❤️

Prenia White

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Everyone Needs This In Their Lives . WOW.

Devin Porter

Jeff is amazing and very inspirational! I love to learn how I can change my life! I took his Spell Breakers Workshop and it has changed my life!

Tammi Lunt Iba

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