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I felt it important to give recognition to OMG and Traffic Tsunami. I have been a member for several years and have not found a more ethical and caring group of people. This is more than just a community it feels like home. They truly are looking for your success! Before I met Greg, Joe, and Anton I... See More


Greg Morrison,

I recently joined Traffic Tsunami in February 2021, before that time, I was working a horrible job at an insurance firm. Then I lost my job during Covid19 lockdowns. It was then that I found your course and decided I wanted to change my career path. However, I was not confident in ... See More


Hello, my name is Shaundra McLamb. I have been in SEO for almost 6 years. Greg Morrison is a beast at what he does. When I first started I was a bored housewife, that had lost my ability to find employment due to an overseas assignment my family had taken to move to Germany. During that time I had d... See More


Greg is awesome! I know so much because of him! I now operate my own SEO agency where I'm picking up 3-5 new clients a day right now. I'm getting real results, and I've totally replaced my income. Thanks Greg & God Bless!


Props to Greg Morrison for helping me have a breakthrough in affiliate marketing. He keeps SEO super simple and I truly believe that if you follow his training you will be successful - I don't care what your background is, if you went to school or not, whatever. For example, I was a college football... See More


I joined Greg Morrisons Traffic Tsunami SEO coaching in 2020 . I was very sceptical at first due to the amount I had to invest into the monthly payments, but after seeing reports from other members Greg had trained, It eased my mind as I knew I was in a good place.

After working my way through ... See More


I started learning SEO from Greg Morrison back in 2016 after I decided to leave my job as a web developer. Fast forward 8 months and I was already making around $10k/month doing client SEO. The team behind Searchific is so amazing! Without them I wouldn't be able to run my own agency in Sweden. Big ... See More


Greg Morrison is without a doubt the number 1 SEOer I've ever come across...before going through the OMG training, I had no previous knowledge of how to do SEO or how possible it was to create your own highly-profitable SEO company. In the beginning it all seemed very overwhelming because of my lack... See More

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