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I've attended 3 classes offered by SCORE. All were extremely helpful with providing much needed information. I have, and will continue to share the positive experience I've had with the SCORE team which includes the workshops and working with Larry Weable & Sam Simler, SCORE Mentors.... See More


Awesome! If you are new, do this! Lots of great info, lifts the cloud, demystifies the complex.... See More


Amazing seminar with knowledgeable professionals that have experience in various industries.... See More


Excellent workshop, I was enlightened. I would consider a refresher at a later date.... See More


I have had a dream for several years of owning my own business, but could never imagine where to begin. I felt that I had a lot of the basic knowledge that I would need, but SCORE has put the puzzle and steps in a better order, which I believe will result in a better chance for creating a successfu... See More


It was very helpful to someone like myself that did not have knowledge of everything Linked In could do... See More


Mark Klipsch is very knowledgeable on the subject of linkedin and his message was great and easy to understand. I'm looking forward to taking what I've learned and teaching our sales team the ins and outs of linkedin.... See More


Good overview on topics pertinent to starting one’s own business. Speakers and other Score members present were very knowledgeable and each one genuinely interested in helping all attendees succeed in starting a successful business of their own.... See More


I enjoyed the marketing presentation and as usual I walked away with a nugget of information.... See More


I love Score St. Louis because it offers every class that you will need to start a business. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful and they add a great deal of relief to you and the portion of your business that you feel will be the most challenging. I really advice anybody that's looki... See More


It was very on cue and to the point. All of the speakers were friendly as well as honest and up front with the wealth of information and knowledge that they were sharing with the group, thank you again for all of the help.... See More


I enjoyed the review. I feel it was very informational. I felt motivated when I left the event. Unfortunately, I do feel that the presentation was not practiced prior to the event to ensure that timing allowed for class was appropriate. I was able to stay for the class. Thank you for the class and I... See More


Great Job! Learned a great deal about Marketing !... See More


I would have liked to spend more time on the tax and legal issue but overall 10. It was rushed... See More


Great Experience!

I wish there was an hour longer for marketing though, since that is the most important factor for a business.

Mark was excellent for the time he was given and I felt I had the most useful information given from him.

Two Complaints. (Sort of)
A rule for no kids to be allo... See More


I enjoyed the class, but I was hoping it would be a bit more in depth of this is what you need to do. This was much more theoretical than I expected. The class was still beneficial, and Mark did a good job of giving examples to help illustrate his points.... See More

Natina Anderson gave SCORE St. Louis a 5 star review
Teresa Kondracki gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review

I need any kind of help that I can get in working in massage . I have been licensed since 2009 and trying to start a business .

Ronald Snyder gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review
Eisha Taylor gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review

I've been working with SCORE as a volunteer for over a year now and continue to be impressed with the work that it does. SCORE provides FREE mentoring and assistance to small business owners with literally any aspect of running a business. SCORE has volunteers with a wide array of skills and backgrounds to help with virtually any issue that a small business owner could run into. SCORE also provides education programs targeted at the particular issues that most impact the small business owner to help them reach their full potential.

Robert G. Pennell gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review
Mark Klipsch gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review

I work with SCORE as a volunteer - I have been able to assist local businesses who would not have been able to afford our services. It is so fufilling to help others. The greatest group of professionals you will ever meet.

Deanna Spell gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review
Marisa Hacker gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review


Joseph Blessing gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review
Sergey Slenenko gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review

Broadway Courier Experts and Distribution Solution LLC

Danny Dan gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review
Tom A Nolan gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review
Mzll Ticiia KabOum ZalOuman gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review
Tangie Ja'Niece Mix gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review
Mark R Choquette gave SCORE St Louis a 5 star review
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