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Tonia and the team at Savvy Credit are an amazing group of people. They not only understand the laws pertaining to credit repair, they also walk you through the process from beginning to end. I appreciate the professionalism and support along the way. I am in great hands! Thank you Savvy Credit!


I been work with Savvy credit consultants for a couple of months and I love the results I am getting I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends


Tonia Savvy Credit Consultants turn my wishes into a dream worth working toward. I've only been working with the company for months now and I must say I am happy with the results and really appreciate the advise on how to make my credit better. If you enjoy learning new things such as credit I chal... See More


My experience with Savvy Credit is very good and Im happy to be a cleint.


Tonya is awesome....I'm so glad to have chosen her business to help my credit scores...


I contacted this company for business consulting and I must say that I have been amazed with the results and how well my company has grown! Thanks Savvy Credit Consultants!


Yessss! Tonia Savvy Credit working there magic for me. I only been with them for 2months ...What you waiting on?? Sign up today. My fresh start for 2019❤️.


I’ve seen big improvements to my credit score and I’ve been with them for only 2-3 months. I’ve already recommended SAVVY CREDIT to a lot of people. SAVVY CREDIT DEFINITELY DESERVES AN A+ review.


My experience with Savvycredit and Tonya Edwards has been incredible she has the blueprint to repairing credit I'm overjoyed with my results!!! I highly recommend Tonya Edwards to anyone interested in getting your credit back on track!!! Thank you Mrs Edwards


Savvy Credit Consultants has change individuals credit standings to where scores have increase and approvals for different things are granted


I love the constant communication I get. I really feel confident that anything I need done will get done in a timely matter


Excellent consultation, very informative.


Savvy Credit is doing a great job increasing credit scores and afterward getting credit cards with 8k and 10k dollars limits as well as helping others get preapproved for mortgages!


Tonia was awesome!! She is great!! Wouldn’t recommend anybody else!!

Renee Williams Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Me and my husband have been with savvy Credit Consultants for almost 6 months. If I tell you I started in the low 400s and know I’m flying high, it can happen for you. Tonia and her team are great and very professional to work with. I like how Tonia customizes a plan for your situation and makes sure it’s followed through!!!! If you are tired of getting denied or charged high interest rates for purchases then contact Savvy Credit Consultants and watch how savvy Tonia can work for you!!!!!

4 days ago
Tre Ratliff Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Awesome company! Fast, quality work with great customer service! I highly recommend this company...

6 days ago
Tamekia Williams Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Very professional and knowledgeable. you get at home vibe. They also offers business credit which is a plus. Highly recommended

6 days ago
Kyra Dodd Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

wouldn't go anywhere else. very professional and will guide you every step of the way

6 days ago
Koco Brown Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

This company knows what they are doing and you will see results! I highly recommend!

6 days ago
Regina Garvin-Buckley Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

she goes above and beyond to get results. great service

6 days ago
Nikita Clincy Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Very hard-working and professional!!! Passionate about changing lives of others and have great customer service. You can't go wrong Savvy Credit Consultants.

6 days ago
Renee Gomas Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Very professional services, fast responses and always attentive to the needs of their customers, Highly recommend them

7 days ago
Yolanda Nicholas Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

My husband and I attended the Paint and Brunch Your Way to Homeownership workshop this past weekend. There was so much information given and questions answered that we now have a clear vision of how we are going to move forward to buying our home. If you need credit core increases, lending, insurance, a realtor, or even an inspection, call Savvy Credit Consultants and get connected to some good honest people! My scores are over 700 now and my husband has 30points increased in 1 month!!!!

2 months ago
Roslyn Boyd Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Very Knowledgeable Excellent referrals and references to move thru the process of buying a home. Credit services is very important to use to help you achieve the score you need to acquire to be a homeowner.

3 months ago
Derrick Rubin Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

My company Derrick Rubin Home Loans has referred some of my most credit challenged borrowers to Savvy for credit repair. I must say, the professionalism and “get it done” attitude was beyond anything I’d ever expect. I know I’ve referred over 5 clients to Tonia and I haven’t heard one complaint and all have been completely satisfied with the service they receive.

3 months ago
Lola Afolabi Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Tonia is AMAZING. Everything about her and the team at Savvy Credit Consultants exudes professionalism and passion. I appreciate working with a company that knows what they are talking about and takes the guesswork out of restoring credit scores. Job well done!

3 months ago
Lystra John Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Professional Hard Worker committed to the success of my credit Thank you

3 months ago
Tambreshia Richardson Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Highly recommend this company. Great customer service, thorough communication explaining the process and exceeded my expectation to help meet my credit goal.

3 months ago
Dolores Sherman Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

I wasn't sure what to expect, you hear so much about credit repair that's good and bad. This was an ALL GOOD experience! So happy that I worked with this team.

3 months ago
Shanta Green Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Savvy Credit Consultants are a great company with great customer service!

3 months ago
Kissena Kornegay Sheets Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Wow! Exceptional company. Very knowledgeable about credit and how your credit score is calculated. I'm so glad I found Savvy Credit Consultants! Thank you!!

3 months ago
Karon Jackson White Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

I highly recommend their services! Customer service is exceptional! Very knowledgeable about the industry!

3 months ago
Jeremiah Davis II Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Very knowledgeable and a pro in the industry. Great customer services. I highly recommend.

3 months ago
Ada Lennon Swain Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Nothing less than a stellar experience interacting with this business.

3 months ago
India Kinchelow Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Hello! I just wanted to come by to represent and thank your for helping me with my credit. You knew how much it meant for me to be able to get the financing i needed to start my business. I had no idea that credit repair really works but I am glad I found you. Thanks again! :)

3 months ago
Maurice Le'Von Colbert Sr. Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Very professional and great experience, and helping me achieve my goal. They educated me on improving my credit score and what I was doing wrong. Thank you for the knowledge. I will be recommending to my friends and family.

3 months ago
Alfredo Alcala Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

Their excellent service helped me achieve the goal I wanted, an excellent 100% professional team! El excelente servicio de ellos me ayudaron a alcanzar la meta que quería, ¡un excelente equipo 100% profesional!

3 months ago
Brandon Beckwith Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

1st class customer experience throughout the entire process. You guys really helped me achieve my goals. Thanks again

3 months ago
Shefferd McLean Recommends Savvy Credit Consultants, LLC

My scores jumped 50 points after I started working with Savvy Credit Consultants. Great job guys!!!

3 months ago

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