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Greg is the best go to guy for referrals! He has given me over $40,000 in leads this year alone. For a small company like mine that is huge. I highly recommend using Greg for all of my water damage! ... See More


Gregg Sargent is a master of his trade and a great teacher! His insightful techniques continue to prove their value time and time again. I highly recommend any business owner taking a look for themselves. Thanks Gregg!... See More


I invited Gregg to my Cleaning and Restoration Strategic Marketing Mini-Clinic at IICRC headquarters recently as my guest, and when we discussed areas of his expertise, I asked him to offer some input to my attendees. He did that and helped them immensely. During breaks and lunch, he was often found... See More


Thank you Gregg for showing me how to better document each job, so that we don't miss billing line items. I appreciate the personal attention to detail and for making sure I truly understand documenting the work performed on each job. Ogden, UT... See More


Gregg has helped us increase our invoicing by helping me catch line items I was missing. ... See More


Sargent's academy has helped our business with a few important tips my salesman and myself are now using. I recommend it.... See More


Gregg is awesome! He helped me with some sales strategies and how to better serve my customers and take care of my employees. ... See More


Gregg is awesome!!! He’s helping our business out quite a bit. His Academy is full of helpful and useful information to take your business to the next level. I thought I knew a lot about the restoration business, but every time I meet with Gregg I learn something new. ... See More


Thanks Gregg for taking the time to help out a new start up company. You gave me some great pointers to help me out. I'm looking forward to learning more thru your training. I would recommend any new business or existing to give him a call. Thanks again.... See More


Yesterday I went to Gregg’s class and learned a lot. One great example he talked about that I really like was to never hang up the phone on your clients. Because you never know if they’ll find a business closer to them or a business that can come more earlier than you. He said talk to your clien... See More


A great product - I like it very much and can recommend it a lot. ... See More


Gregg has so much knowledge about this industry, he is the person to go to if you want to grow your business. From learning how to talk to customers, to closing the sale. I highly recommend Sargent Strategic Academy ... See More


I have been using this training program, and have learned so much. Right now i am learning the difference betweem cold calls and warm calls. I highly recommend this if you are in the water damage business this will help you close more deals and make a ton more money. ... See More


Gregg's course is very educational. He provides tips and tricks to help you close more jobs and increase your revenues. Recommended! ... See More


As a relatively new startup, I found the content to be extremely helpful such that the changes made after taking the course paid for itself in the two weeks following my purchase. ... See More


sargent has totally helped my partner and i get our restoration company on the right path to success, we have completed over 50 jobs since march. thanks again for all your knowledge. Knowledge is power.... See More


I worked for Gregg Sargent .. in his company repairing the carpet cleaning equipment ... I also had the great opportunity to go and clean the carpets ... where I learned a lot of important sales stuff .. cleaning techniques .. like talking to customers ... how to do good customer service ... which g... See More


Gregg Sargent is a business builder. His strategies for building an HR within a company and employee retention are unsurpassed. He is a compassionate and driven leader. He excels in interpersonal relations and is an expert in his field.... See More


Gregg has always been a leader and innovator in the industry. He's very professional to work with. Gregg made environmental compliance a priority to protect his clients and employees. ... See More


Gregg @Sargent Strategic has improved our network visibility with Restoration Contractors! Ultimately helping us reach more contractors doing Water Loss Mitigation Xactimate estimates to get more out of the insurance billing process. He actively makes introductions above our expectations. We value... See More


Gregg was a huge part of helping me start the carpet cleaning business 9 years ago and is now helping me branch out into the restoration industry. Not just technical help, but aligning me with other businesses like mold testing and insurance billing that makes the process a cake walk. Thanks Gregg... See More

Italo Canales gave Sargent Strategic Academy a 5 star review
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