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Gregg was very imformative in our class, he was active and kept our attention for over 4 hours. Not only was this a good experience but i would definatly sign up for ankther presentation. I feel like i can take atleast 3 of the ideas he presented and directly benifit our business. Get with gregg bef... See More


I was invited by the owner of our company to attend Gregg’s class. I found the class to be very informative. I liked his ideas for hiring quality people as that is something that has been a challenge.
The class environment was very relaxed. We were able to have all questions answered.
Gregg was... See More


I took my office staff to Gregg's class today in Orlando. It was one of the most informative business classes I have ever attended. I could tell he had been through it all. He shared strategies I would never have thought to implement. I'll be signing up for his online academy for sure! Thanks Gregg!... See More


I participated in how to build a better business in Colorado at the Interlink facility. The training could not have been better timing, I just started my business in 2017 and the marketing strategies we learned have been very helpful since. I would definitely be taking future training classes. ... See More


Thank you for the great information that you provided for us. You gave us a lot of great ideas.... See More


Greg did a seminar for us in the Atlanta location. He did a great job on the presentation, and the content. There was great interaction between him and the attendees, with conversations going both ways, plus in-between the students, which he really prompted.
I had several of the attendees make gre... See More


I've been working with Gregg for a since November. He has helped me in numerous ways: (1) Train my staff (specifically my sales team) using his online training courses, (2) Cold called and got me into Plumbers that my own sales staff had not been able to set up the meeting with, (3) Great advice o... See More


Great program! Everyone will find something in here that they can use to enhance their business. The academy will easily pay for itself and more.... See More


As a new owner of a Restoration company I have had the chance to attend and listen to a few of Gregg's classes. The information that I gained from these courses were priceless. I have began to apply some of the techniques that he suggested and they have made a big difference in my business across th... See More


Gregg Sargent is a master of his trade and a great teacher! His insightful techniques continue to prove their value time and time again. I highly recommend any business owner taking a look for themselves. Thanks Gregg!... See More


I invited Gregg to my Cleaning and Restoration Strategic Marketing Mini-Clinic at IICRC headquarters recently as my guest, and when we discussed areas of his expertise, I asked him to offer some input to my attendees. He did that and helped them immensely. During breaks and lunch, he was often found... See More


Thank you Gregg for showing me how to better document each job, so that we don't miss billing line items. I appreciate the personal attention to detail and for making sure I truly understand documenting the work performed on each job. Ogden, UT... See More


Gregg has helped us increase our invoicing by helping me catch line items I was missing. ... See More


Sargent's academy has helped our business with a few important tips my salesman and myself are now using. I recommend it.... See More


Gregg is awesome! He helped me with some sales strategies and how to better serve my customers and take care of my employees. ... See More


Gregg is awesome!!! He’s helping our business out quite a bit. His Academy is full of helpful and useful information to take your business to the next level. I thought I knew a lot about the restoration business, but every time I meet with Gregg I learn something new. ... See More


Thanks Gregg for taking the time to help out a new start up company. You gave me some great pointers to help me out. I'm looking forward to learning more thru your training. I would recommend any new business or existing to give him a call. Thanks again.... See More


Yesterday I went to Gregg’s class and learned a lot. One great example he talked about that I really like was to never hang up the phone on your clients. Because you never know if they’ll find a business closer to them or a business that can come more earlier than you. He said talk to your clien... See More

Italo Canales gave Sargent Strategic Academy a 5 star review

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