Sandler Training

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Average: 4.9 out of 5 Stars


I was skeptical at first, these things really aren't my style. But, Sandler Training is the real deal. They nailed my personality completely and it was a good eye opener to see.... See More


Jim does some of the best training that I have had the opportunity and privilege to attend. I will be doing more with Sandler and involving my team at every opportunity. Good stuff that applies to real life sales situations. ... See More


I was really impressed with the webinar, the ease of getting logged on and in particular, the information that I was able to glean. I have been searching everywhere for anything that will help our shop make the move to the next level and I have no doubt that what you shared with us will help me in t... See More


One of the things I really love about Sandler training is it's ongoing reinforcement. Having been involved for years I still take away something new that I swear I've never heard before but here it is and I can apply it this week. Just so you know I am biased because I am one of the owners and San... See More


I not only worked with Jim Stephens at Sandler Training but I also went through the program. The communication tools that I learned in the training were invaluable and I've continued to use them throughout both my personal and professional life. I saw first hand the positive affect it had on people ... See More


The Sandler Team is great. I always gleen new and usefull information. I do recommend Jim and his Team at Crossroads Sandler Training.... See More


In 2008 my families business was looking over the end of the financial cliff and was desperate for business. Fresh out of school I started a sales crusade to save the family business. It didn't take me long to learn how much I didn't know. Selling capital equipment was complex and out of my league. ... See More

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