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Awesome, inspiring, fired up are how I feel after 1 day boot camp, that and a little overwhelmed but will get thru that part as I have time to sort thru the ton's of valuable tools I recieved.


The information provided at Sandler boot camp was helpful. Interactive breakout seasons helped to cement ideas learned.


I found great value in the training and will implement it into my day to day sales calls.


Justin came to our office in Boise to deliver a Goal Setting training to select members of our team. We all enjoyed the open discussions and worksheets that helped us hone in on our goals for tomorrow as well as 10 years from now. I took home a set of worksheets to share with my fiance, and we're lo... See More


I really enjoyed the day training I attended. I am newer to my role and all my sales background is retail based. The training gave me some great insight into the b2b world I work in now. My key takeaway was the Pain Probe and Pain Funnel. I think this tool can really help me with prospecting and mak... See More


The Sandler Bootcamp is a must if you are looking for an innovative way to approach sales. While my job is not 100% sales driven, this skill set is extremely valuable. The Sandler way essentially takes everything you may know about sales and flips it on its head. Love it!


Sandler Training was an incredible experience, and an exciting way to sell. It was incredibly informative, and I highly recommend anyone who is in sales or business development to attend this training.


Our Sales, Management and Customer Support teams have been involved with Sandler Training provided by Crossroads for over two years. Their multiple of training courses on communication and human psychology translates that knowledge into practical application. Our employees have learned the differenc... See More


I was skeptical at first, these things really aren't my style. But, Sandler Training is the real deal. They nailed my personality completely and it was a good eye opener to see.


Jim does some of the best training that I have had the opportunity and privilege to attend. I will be doing more with Sandler and involving my team at every opportunity. Good stuff that applies to real life sales situations.


I was really impressed with the webinar, the ease of getting logged on and in particular, the information that I was able to glean. I have been searching everywhere for anything that will help our shop make the move to the next level and I have no doubt that what you shared with us will help me in t... See More


One of the things I really love about Sandler training is it's ongoing reinforcement. Having been involved for years I still take away something new that I swear I've never heard before but here it is and I can apply it this week. Just so you know I am biased because I am one of the owners and San... See More

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