Ruby Mountain Foods

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The first time I cook a Ruby Mountain roast my kids said, "Mom, this is the best gravy and meat you have ever made!" And I have to agree with them. The meat is tender, juicy, flavorful, and the best part is you feel great about feeding it to your family. Thank you for helping me take care of my fa... See More


We were so glad to discover Ruby Mountain Nourishing Foods. Their beef is healthy, delicious, and local - how can you go wrong?... See More


We bought Ruby Mountain beef for the first time last fall. Wow! What a surprise! I had heard that grass fed beef tastes more gamey- NOT TRUE with this beef!! Delicious melt in your mouth yummy goodness. Thick steaks, huge roasts, so much ground beef- wow! And the bones make wonderful, nourishing, he... See More


Clean food is vital to the health of everyone. Thank you for putting people before profit.
Cannot wait to enjoy!!... See More

Ruby Mountain Nourishing Foods is exactly that... nourishing food. Good tasting and good for us. Thank you for providing amazing beef while remaining true to sustainable ranching. You are changing our health one dinner plate at a time!

Coleen Goodwin gave Ruby Mountain Foods a 5 star review
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