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I love ChargedUp University because everyone literally treats you like family. Chris goes above and beyond to share his knowledge and allow everyone to be successful in real estate. Everyone in the The U is supportive and motivates each other. Having a family like the The U helps to keep yourself ac... See More


Charged Up University ( The U ) got a great recommendation by Rhakeem

Rhakeem K

Charged Up community is great place for beginners and seasoned investors to get answers to the questions they have and directions on how to move forward efficiently


I love charged up university (The U ) because everyone has your back and encourages you to challenge yourself. Everyone is very supportive and driven thank you Coach Chris!


I love Charged Up U because the culture within it was a winning culture. Everyone was out helping each other. The knowledge gained was immeasurable and was the best thing for me. I HIGHLY recommend Charged Up U for anyone even remotely interested in creating life-changing income.


Charged Up "The U" is one of the best course out there right now. Chris is phenomenal and knowledgeable he truly cares about his students and want them to grow and learn as much a possible. The course itself is clear and easy to understand. To be completely honest what I love more than anything abou... See More


🔋🔋⚡⚡⬆️ U is by far the best community that I could ever be a part of. Chris is highly knowledgeable about the industry and he shows us exactly what he is doing in his business and how we can replicate what he's doing. He brings on special guests on weekly calls who may specialize in a ... See More


Gwendolyn had a great experience with Charged Up University ( The U )

Gwendolyn N

Really great training and support. Daily calls and social media groups specific to your region that you can lean on as well.


The U is a Great program to be apart of. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to be apart of a real estate investment community. It will only not work if the individual decides not to. Look forward to possibly rejoin in the future if it's in the cards for me.


The U is very organized, and is ran in a very easy to follow atmosphere. Life just didn't allow me to be involved as much as I should've at this moment. But I will definitely join again when my situations get rectified.


The U has been a life changer for me. I have known Chris for about 13 years and he has always been a solid dude. I entered a place in my life where I had made a decision to become an entrepreneur and hop into real estate. On April 3rd 2022, I sat and talked to Chris face to face at a free meet up h... See More


The U is a great community for real estate entrepreneurs who are looking for wisdom and guidance on wholesaling real estate. If you apply the techniques taught you will definitely see the results you are looking for.


I LOVE being apart of The U. If you're looking for a real estate community to be apart of, this is it. I came into the U with no experience in real estate at all. In my first 5 months I've made over $60,000. The course will teach you everything you need to know to be successful in wholesaling. The c... See More


I love Charged Up University because I am a part of a community of like minded individuals who are in this wholesaling business to help people find homes and create a better life for themselves in the process. This course is worth the investment. And you will be so glad that you joined.


The U is a good experience. There is a lot of content that helps with the process of wholesaling. Everyone is helpful and wants to see you succeed.


Yanyka Highly Recommends Charged Up University ( The U ) to their friends & family!

Yanyka T

Man, I recommend this group to anyone looking to get into wholesaling or really any type of real estate investing. The group is full of knowledgeable and good hearted people who always want to see everyone gettin right. Thankful for all the relationships I’ve gained from the U and anyone looking t... See More


Excellent company well organized and communicate well. Will tell everyone one what a great company Charged Up University is.


Charged Up U by Coach Chris is by far the best coaching family i've ever been a part of and its sad for me to say that i am temporarily taking a break but it is for personal financial reasons. I will definitely be back to Charged Up U family soon as i love this amazing coaching program. Charged up U... See More


ChargedUp University is a game changer! Not only is the course affordable but it is lit like fireworks and gives you everything you need to be successful as a real estate wholesaler. Coach is sincere in breaking down his own experiences and lessons learned with us on our weekly calls. He even addres... See More


I stumbled upon "The U" when I was looking for information on real estate investing after getting screwed by a guy I paid to teach me about investing. It turned out that he didn't teach me anything and he even tried to be a "slick head" with me and take even more of my money because he felt he could... See More


You can get all the information step by step for wholesaling with numerous strategies. Love the online community and support. Would recommend.


Charged Up changed my business. Coach showed me all of the tools I needed in order to be successful in real estate. He truly goes above and beyond for his students. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor!


The Charged Up U is everything one would want and need as a new or seasoned real estate investor, it really is a family. From the training videos to the live zoom calls, there’s always someone readily available to assist. I like the fact that Coach is very hands on in many ways and is willing to a... See More


Charged Up U is great for a any wholesaler either new or experienced in the business. I recommend it to anybody wanting to get into real estate investing.


Lots of resources. Good connections and great trainings

Have learned so much by joining this group


Charged Up University (The U) is more than a real estate coaching program, the heart of The U is a community of like-minded individuals who wholeheartedly support each other's growth - both personally and professionally. The mentorship here is phenomenal.

Phil & Jess H

I love THE U cause it’s a real close community that cares and really wants to see every one win. It all starts from the top and all the major parts in between. Everything and all the tools needed are here ask any question the support is here. Trust me if anyone is interested in learning how to wh... See More

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