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If you're looking to wholesale real estate this is your group.. most transparent coach out there and the group is phenomenal. Life changing group.


I love The U Fam! This is a group of uplifting and inspiring individuals I’ve ever seen. The will to better themselves and having a goal have motivated me to be better for myself and looking at my future! I want to thank Coach for sharing his knowledge and definitely appreciate the West Coast Regi... See More


Erin LOVED Charged Up University ( The U )

Erin W gave Charged Up University ( The U ) a 5 star Rating

I have been a member of Charged Up University since May 2021 and it is the best decision I've made since getting into wholesaling. When you join the U, you are joining a family. Chris has really created something special! He is an outstanding teacher (his course is the sauce!). He also has developed... See More


Charged Up University is a great place to start in your Real Estate Business, especially for beginners. Chris give you the support, training , understanding and help you need to get your 1st or 100th deal done. This is a giving group and very supportive , Charged Up will give you the confidence an... See More


Charged up University has been the most rewarding aspect of my Wholesaling Journey thus far. I had known for years that mentorship/coaching was an essential component of success, yet I continued to hold off on taking action because I feared that I might invest in a group or coach who cared only abou... See More


Best to ever do it. Coach, along w/ each member of the U not only changed my perspective of real estate, but also my life. It saved me in ways that are unimaginable. Forever grateful to be apart of something special. All love and praise from me to the U!


Charged Up University is an amazing "close-knit" wholesaling community that encourages & supports the knowledge, growth, and success of all of its members (students). In my opinion, the value I receive far outweighs the cost of membership (which is already affordable).

Coach packs a lot of pricle... See More


I love THE U FAM. I love how we have not just our large group but also our small groups which are very intimate.


Charged up U has changed my life. Chris really cares and pours his heart into coaching us. The information is easy to learn and implement .


Before I joined Charged Up University, I was extremely hesitant about making calls and if I could even do this business. After my first coaching call with the team, thru joining the specific group chats and seeing the knowledge passed as if we are a true tribe moving through the woods, I went from 0... See More


I loved Charged Up U because all the resources and support makes a great learning and growing environment!


Charged Up U is one of the most comprehensive real estate programs. The course teaches you everything you need to know to get started. The weekly live zoom calls with Chris Jefferson are the best. He spends hours explaining the details of the business, and the steps we should be taking to succeed. T... See More


I love Charged Up University because of how hands on Chris is when it comes to explaining how to be effective in real estate wholesaling, as well as the community he's built within the U. On top of that, the comprehensive content and weekly zoom meetings he hosts provide everything you need to do de... See More


Charged Up University gave me the whole blueprint on how to set up my real estate wholesale business. Everything from contracts to software to make this business as efficient as possible. Not only does Chris Jefferson drop a whole bunch of game on real estate but also a ton of game on life.


I really enjoyed the U Fam. Chris Jefferson was personable and you can really connect with him. The family is amazing. Everyone is willing to help and provide support. You will be successful if you stay committed and listen to the U Fam.


I loved charged up university (the U) because it was like being in a close family, everybody is so helpful in the group chat. The coach is hands on and is with you on the chat and the zoom call. His not a robot and it's not a robot that responds, it is the coach helping you build confidence and walk... See More


Charged Up University is a game changer! NO GURU SALES PITCHES! Chris Jefferson, the owner is very involved in all aspects of the U. We do roll playing cold call scenarios, which is really helpful. An inexpensive way to learn the ropes with a bunch of like minded folks. Everyone at the U is family a... See More


I appreciated the expertise that was offered. I do wish the checklist or beginner's guide was a course instead of a pdf . The presentation of the information was overwhelming for me all living in a pdf. Also, I think some information was out of date. Also, I wish upfront more transparency would have... See More


Amazing course and community!! I highly recommend for anyone that’s a beginner and looking to have a shift in life.


loved the information and how helpful it was


Good course , love the info given , tips and strategies now just time to out into action


Charged Up U is a great investment! All the necessary information in order to be successful at wholesaling is located in this E Course! You will have a thorough understanding of wholesaling real estate once you complete the course! 5 stars!!


Let me tell you. I have bought many expensive wholesaling courses and coaching programs in the past. For the price Chris Jefferson charges here at the you, it's rather mind boggling why he would charge you so cheap. Unlike other wholesaling programs, Chris goes in DEPTH on how to talk to sellers to ... See More


There's a host of reasons to appreciate Charged Up University. From the group camaraderie, to zoom calls, The U creates a real sense of family where others are able to help you learn and grow. Outside of the community feel and support, Chris is a phenomenal mentor, leader, and teacher. If you want t... See More

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