Royal Legal Solutions

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2400 E Cesar Chavez St
Austin, Texas 78702
United States
(512) 757-3994

Royal Legal Solutions provides top-notch information and product for real estate investors. If you are investing in real estate and want to make sure you are protected this is your goto business.... See More


Wonderful all around company that provides works class services!... See More


Scott and the team at RLS are so passionate about what they do that it's a pleasure to work with them. They really care deeply about their clients and understand that each client is different. I've seen them do so many cutting-edge things that other companies that provide the same service just do... See More


Scott and his team are highly skilled experts in the real estate field. Quickly respond and understand client's needs.... See More


Awesome firm. Excellent customer service and products. If you want to protect your wealth, Theres no better team than Royal Legal Solutions.... See More


Working with Royal Legal Solutions has been amazing. They're very professional and cater their services to my unique situation.... See More

Scott's company has been so helpful. My business partner and I were debating on spending on the money set everything up, but once we found out Scott's pricing and what they offered, it was an easy choice. Once we started the process we started to realize how much we did not know and quickly had several questions. Scott's office immediately scheduled us for a call with Scott who was able to walk us through everything and explain everything in a very comprehensible way. Knowing that this portion of our business is covered removes such a weight from our shoulders. Not only is Scott very personable, but his entire staff has been incredibly friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend, regardless of your portfolio size. We currently only have 2 properties, but knowing that we wanted to grow our portfolio, this was the best decision we've made.

christopher lee gave Royal Legal Solutions a 5 star review

Working with Scott and his team has been a breeze. It is very reassuring to work with a group that understands all the facets of a sounds business structure and real estate asset protection plan. I have spoken with others that push these services, and nobody does it like Scott and his team. They are there in person and ready to help you. This is not common as others in the industry often sell you an overpriced PDF packet telling you how to go set up your assets yourself. Work with a team that will do the hard work you pay them for!

Braden Tobler gave Royal Legal Solutions a 5 star review

Scott’s solution for asset protection is outstanding! When you dig into how lawsuits begin it’s clear that Royal Legal Solutions offers protection that is elegant, powerful and cost effective. I’m pumped to have Scott on my team, protecting my families hard earned wealth. Scott has helped me reorganize several business structures to minimize my risk and shield our assets. I’ve been researching this topic of asset protection for a long time and Scott’s solution is the best I’ve found.

Clint Cook gave Royal Legal Solutions a 5 star review

Scott and his team are highly skilled experts in the real estate field. We no longer need to worry about asset protection. Small price to pay for peace of mind.

Natasha Tomlinson gave Royal Legal Solutions a 5 star review

Quickly respond and understand client's needs. Helped to solved the issues and supported all the way in a timely manner which is hard to find at somewhere else! Scott Smith, We really appreciated.

Duc Tran gave Royal Legal Solutions a 5 star review

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