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I first met Ron in 2009 when I was a struggling single mother living paycheck to paycheck. Ron was referred to me by a friend as he was her financial advisor and she thought the might be able to help me get a hold of my finances. I went to my first appointment quite skeptical and left so optimistic. Ron has always delivered on all his promises, followups, he doesn't offer ideas that might work he offers proven strategies that he has followed with his own personal finances as well as his companies. The honesty and integrity of Ron is first and foremost when he speaks to any of his clients. Fast forward 10+ years later, I am still a single mother however, I am no longer living from paycheck to paycheck. I bought my first house in 2011 (two years after meeting Ron), have since paid off all my debts (not including my mortgage), bought some property in Idaho (for cash) and have been able to put away almost $1000 per month towards my retirement and I am hoping to retire within the next five years. I highly recommend Ron to all my family and friends and anyone who is looking for someone with the skills set and knowledge that Ron can pass on. Thank you Ron for you have done for me and my family.

-- Cheryl C

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