RightAngle Home Inspection

Reviews: 8

Average: 5 out of 5 Stars

2809 Montrose
Bartlesville, OK 74006
United States

RightAngle was awesome to work with and we would definitely recommend them. Bill was very easy to communicate with to set up the inspection and he answered all of our questions before hand. He was very friendly during the inspection and was extremely thorough when he talked us through everything he found. He sent us a digital report of his findings the same day as the inspection which we were pleasantly surprised by. We were first time home buyers and nervous about the entire process, but Bill seemed trustworthy and the thoroughness of his inspection put us at ease. I cannot recommend RightAngle enough to other home buyers.

Liz Brown gave RightAngle Home Inspection a 5 star review

Bill was awesome! He spent quality time inspecting our home and really gave a thorough report of the property. Honestly, I have been through the inspection process many times before with others and this was by far the most thorough inspection I have ever had! I would highly recommend Bill to anyone considering buying a home!

Mark Ivy gave RightAngle Home Inspection a 5 star review

Bill Heath does an extremely through job of inspecting every single inch of the prospective home. He will even go as far as listing any and all recalls for the appliances in the home. During the inspection of the house I was looking at buying, Bill was unable to get into the crawl space to inspect the foundation. Instead of charging me or the seller an additional seventy-five dollars to return and inspect the foundation, he waived it and finished the inspection as soon as the crawl space was cleared. The report is returned in a easy-to-read layout with the problem, severity, and corrective action all listed. The report itself is created and sent out within a day or two of the inspection being completed. The best inspection in South East Kansas will be from RightAngle Home Inspection.

Zach Grunder gave RightAngle Home Inspection a 5 star review

The best service I have ever received through our home buying process! Right Angle was flexible in scheduling, prompt on arrival and thorough with details. They took the time to walk us through the report and answer all questions. A year later, we are still thankful for the quality inspection and security in our investment.

Kasey St. John gave RightAngle Home Inspection a 5 star review

RightAngle Home Inspection was thorough and extremely professional during our home inspection. We would highly recommend them for your next home inspection.

Rhonda Elliott gave RightAngle Home Inspection a 5 star review

A year later and still thankful for the expert inspection on our new home! Right Angle provided us the best service by taking the time to walk us through the inspection report and answer any questions. I will definitely consult Right Angle before making any future improvements on our home, as well.

Kasey Frost St John gave RightAngle Home Inspection a 5 star review

Bill’s professionalism & attention to detail is exactly what you want when buying residential property. His detailed report after the inspection is paramount to a final decision.

Sharon Janda gave RightAngle Home Inspection a 5 star review

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