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Things happen for a reason, and I believe that whole-heartedly! Just over a year ago, I was struggling, big time. (Of course, I didn’t let on to anyone!) Every ounce of me felt awful, but still I tried to smile and push through. I was stressed that I was tired all the time, I was stressed that my guts hurt, I was stressed that my hair was drastically thinning, I was stressed that the darn scales would not go down, I was stressed that I could never get a good night’s sleep, I was stressed that I had no energy, no want. I felt like each day was a struggle just to keep going. I was stressed and really scared that this was not me and I didn’t know how to change it.
Then, that day happened…I can’t believe I almost missed it. Eating a quick lunch with my husband just before heading back to the hayfield, I watched a television interview with Dr. Ian Hollaman as he explained the tremendous work done at Red Tail Wellness Centers. When he touched-based on thyroid disorders and noted the symptoms, I sat up, pointed to the tv and yelled “That’s me! That’s what I’m feeling!” Honestly, I set my plate down, called and made an appointment. BEST thing I have ever done! I cannot praise Dr. Ian enough for his wonderful compassion and incredible knowledge. He has figured out more about me that I could have ever imagined (so much more so that the general medical field) all with complete health and wellness in mind. I trust Dr. Ian completely.
Yes, it takes true commitment and yes, it is a challenge…and yes, I can do this because I feel SO much better! This is my lifestyle now…and I’m going to do everything I can to follow Dr. Ian’s guidelines for my true health, my true happiness and my true being.
Talk with Dr. Ian Hollaman and his amazing staff at Red Tail Wellness Centers…you are so worth it!

-- Nola M

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